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Alternative "Medicine" Kills

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Very sad. I guess those who go the route of alternative medicine to avoid exorbitant bills, pain associated with treatments etc. Some are oblivion to the fact that, the short cuts would cuts their lifespans. However, some are just out of frustration, trying something else that they think might be palliative. Lord have mercy!

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Reminds me of that satirical (but sad and true) article titled "I didn't vaccinate my kids and the one who lived turned out fine". 

I think one of the ironies of alternative medicine is that it does the exact opposite of avoiding exorbitant bills... medications ONLY available in the office of the naturopath, chiropractors who can "cure" you if you come back biweekly for 16 weeks, etc. 

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My dad is doing voodoo treatments for his liver mets - some really wacked out vitamin things and a mistletoe injection daily...don't get me going.

Naturopaths are almost on the same shelf as vets - I find it a tad unethical for people to dispense what they prescribe, especially something that I can get at the local pharmacy or pet store for less, including dispensing fee.  

Reminds me of a Kevin MD article "When anyone can be a cancer doctor".



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My veterinarian is immensely more qualified than a naturopath and I would trust her far more - veterinary medicine is the doorway to many successful medical treatments for humans. My vet talks shop with me and many things are similar.

Old Chinese medicine practiced by actual Chinese training actually has some things to offer and a lot is common sense - moderation, walking and don't do stupid stuff.

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