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Interviewed for an ortho position and got an offer. Seems like a good gig. I'm 2 yrs out with hospitalist and urgent care experience.


4 days/ week with one late day where I would be covering walk in clinic from 430 to 730 with a doc. (start time would be later that day to accommodate later hours)


Salary $102,500

PTO 28 days plus 2 days cme (more approved on case by case basis depending on what the course is)


401k, profit sharing after 1 yr (4%)


Medical and dental (need to see options but the base coverage would be free for me)


Malpractice 1m/3m


Cme 1500 (licencing included in this)


8hr shifts- seeing 40 pts with doc (20ish each- would work more closely with him until I'm comfortable and then we'd split patients up )


No weekends or holidays. No call. No hospital rounding- all clinic.


I think those are the highlights. Let me know what you think.


For reference this is in Maryland.


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So you work 4 days a week and have 7 weeks of vacation? That's pretty sweet. I don't know what the salaries are in your area, but the salary for ortho seems on the low side since you didn't mention a bonus of any kind. But the benefits might make up for it.

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So you're working 4 days/week with 8 hour shifts plus one late day where you're working 3 extra hours? So 35 hours/week? Offer isn't bad if that's the case. 

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