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Studying Physiology and Pathophysiology in PA School

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Thank you so kindly for your information! I'm in my post bacc right now, but I am trying to prepare as much as I can for the first year. I'm so nervous about it! 


Question on how you prepare your study guide.... do you write down topics highlighted in class? I'm finding it difficult in my anatomy class right now to figure out the important stuff versus not. But I see in your post that some classes you just have to know it all!



Also... might you have any of your anatomy study guides? The undergrad anatomy class that I am taking right now I feel is very watered down and not going to properly prepare me for PA school. I'm thinking of doing my own self study over the next year and a half or so... really next summer. I'm hoping to be in the entering class of 2019. If I can see what PA schools require students to know anatomy wise, I'm hoping to get a jump start on studying that.


I just bought the physiology book that you spoke about... I'm taking that next semester! Hopefully it'll be a better class than my anatomy class this semester, and even more so with this book on hand!


Thank you so much for your information. Such a help to those of us up and coming. :-) 

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