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  1. I am having some issues with my now previous employers . long story short , I quit the toxic environment which was compromising my mental health . Daily yelling , constant belittling and absent supervising physician was too much to deal with . My contract stated I will be eligible for 401k after 1000 hours which I completed last December . My manager flat out refused to enroll me playing word games and constantly lying about my hours. I sucked it up and decided to rather quit than fight this petty battle. my last week with her , I asked her about my remaining PTO of 10.5 hours and she verbally informed me I will be getting separate check for that. Little did I know that she was freaking lying . I inquired about it and she replied to my third inquiry stating that they don’t offer PTO. My contract states I am eligible for 1 week of vacation time after 1 year of employment . my PTO check comes out to be $500 roughly and I will super upset if I have to leave it on the table on the terms of not burning the bridge. she has robbed me enough of my 401 , favoritism to other PA and constantly insulting me . What are my options ? I am beyond livid at this point and doubt speaking with SP will solve anything .
  2. Dear Colleagues , I am working in outpatient internal medicine for last 1.5 years. I was basically thrown to wolves and since then , I have been very autonomous in my practice. I take care of all of my geriatric patients for full spectrum meaning head to toe. I do occasional referral based on the patient's symptoms and disease. I have recently started to moonlight in a hospital where I help on admitting patients from ED or occasional rounding if census is too high. My intentions were to get my feet wet in hospital medicine where I eventually would like to work. To my disappointment , the hospital where I work is very restrictive of APPs. I cannot prescribe anything or even a tylenol without SP approving it before RN's can execute the order. If patient has newly diagnosed CHF , I cannot discharge him with ACE-I without nephor approval. If patient has hypertension or afib , I cannot initiate any meds without cardio approval IF patient has cellulitis , I cannot start any abx besides zosyn ( which has already been started in ED) without ID consultation basically , for every symptoms or disease , I have to have a consult. When I admit them , I entered their diagnosis and a check list pops up and I basically check the routine admits orders that a scribe can do it too. I write their history and physical. Basically , I felt like working as a scribe with a bit more medical knowledge. Not once , I had to look up anything on UTD whereas in my outpatient practice , I am constantly on UTD looking up stuff. I am highly disappointed in my experience and thinking of not ever transitioning if it is this limited. I am super autonomous in my outpatient internal medicine practice and run the clinic for my SP. Is this what hospital medicine is all about or is it just my poor experience.
  3. Hi there does anyone work here as a radiation oncology PA ? What are the pros and cons of working in such a specialized field? I know it varies with different institution but how are we utilized? I don’t want to be used as a glorified scribe. thank you In advance
  4. They are advertising $125/hour on their website . like I said it looks good on paper but not sure . thank you for your input .
  5. Hi there has anyone have any experience with facemydoc ? It is a telehealth company that provide you with the platform to operate as an independent contractor. They provide collaborating physician and you would have to pay about $10-$15 per chart review and get your own malpractice insurance. There is a membership fee that varies with every state. So far everything looks pretty OK on the paper. You will work from home and have freedom to work as many hours as you like and sdt you’re on schedule.
  6. Thank you for the message. I have been contacted by the medical expert group and once I agree , they will connect me with an attorney. It sounded like good money but maybe after few years when I have some experience under my belt.
  7. I totally agree with you. That is why I am hesitant.
  8. Thank you for the answers . This is my first time ever being involved in something like this and I have only been practicing for 9 months . Not sure if I still qualified for $600 or more . this case is in a different state than where I practice . Does my SP have to be involved in any way or do I inform him that I may provide my verbal opinion in a medical lawsuit ? When I apply for hospital job in future and go through the credentialing process , Will this come up in my background check ? If yes , are there any consequences ? once again , thank you for all the answers
  9. Hi there I have been provided with an opportunity to review a medical case of negligence and present my expert medical opinion . has anyone have any experience with it ? I have few questions I am asking for $300/hour Do I need a SP at any time ? I am also asked to review an extensive amount of medical record regarding the negligence and present my verbal opinion . Will this be on my record when I get Credentialing ? Thank you in advance
  10. How was your experience ?is it more clinically focused ? any weekly test like PA school ? I am looking for more clinically focused program. I can't do paper appraisal :(
  11. Not 1955. But females are generally more catty towards other females and not to mention insecure .
  12. That’s another reason I will never work for a female boss !!!
  13. I barely see my SP. Clinic staff has never worked with a new grad before and they low key ridicule me on my shortcomings .. so hard to find a new job at this time.
  14. new grad PA here working in small mom n pop clinic. Not only I have to deal with socioeconomic issues , crazy patient but with the toxic office culture as well. I am expected to see train wrecks , complex patients without any supervision or training. Each passing day , I am just more and more unhappy. I feel dumb every single day ....
  15. Hi there I am a recent graduate and one year into my career. I have been looking into several DMS programs and would like to enroll in a year or so. Has anyone attended LMU DMS program ? I am particularly interested in the internal medicine track.
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