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  1. Thank you for the message. I have been contacted by the medical expert group and once I agree , they will connect me with an attorney. It sounded like good money but maybe after few years when I have some experience under my belt.
  2. I totally agree with you. That is why I am hesitant.
  3. Thank you for the answers . This is my first time ever being involved in something like this and I have only been practicing for 9 months . Not sure if I still qualified for $600 or more . this case is in a different state than where I practice . Does my SP have to be involved in any way or do I inform him that I may provide my verbal opinion in a medical lawsuit ? When I apply for hospital job in future and go through the credentialing process , Will this come up in my background check ? If yes , are there any consequences ? once again , thank y
  4. Hi there I have been provided with an opportunity to review a medical case of negligence and present my expert medical opinion . has anyone have any experience with it ? I have few questions I am asking for $300/hour Do I need a SP at any time ? I am also asked to review an extensive amount of medical record regarding the negligence and present my verbal opinion . Will this be on my record when I get Credentialing ? Thank you in advance
  5. How was your experience ?is it more clinically focused ? any weekly test like PA school ? I am looking for more clinically focused program. I can't do paper appraisal :(
  6. Not 1955. But females are generally more catty towards other females and not to mention insecure .
  7. That’s another reason I will never work for a female boss !!!
  8. I barely see my SP. Clinic staff has never worked with a new grad before and they low key ridicule me on my shortcomings .. so hard to find a new job at this time.
  9. new grad PA here working in small mom n pop clinic. Not only I have to deal with socioeconomic issues , crazy patient but with the toxic office culture as well. I am expected to see train wrecks , complex patients without any supervision or training. Each passing day , I am just more and more unhappy. I feel dumb every single day ....
  10. Hi there I am a recent graduate and one year into my career. I have been looking into several DMS programs and would like to enroll in a year or so. Has anyone attended LMU DMS program ? I am particularly interested in the internal medicine track.
  11. Another PA eaten alive by a NP. I thought I was the only victim ... ;(
  12. Yup they preyed on a naive new grad . Back to job search in these glowing times
  13. Well , as a new grad I couldn't put up a fight. I was told by the hostile NP that I have to learn hospital politics. Right now , my main priority is to learn practicing medicine and not be involved in petty games.
  14. I was in the similar situation as a new grad PA. My department has never seen or heard of a 'PA' so much so that they could not even figure out how to out Physician Assistant on my employee badge. SO I settled for only my name as my ID. Anyways , my CT surgeon played a classic bait n switch on me about giving me training and all. He completely backed off his promises the day I started and barely had any communication with me . The NPs on the floor were super hostile and threatened. they keep questioning my training and knowledge. To their amusement , I had little exposure to critical care in m
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