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  1. 6 Minutes for each station. They are done in 10 minute intervals.... 2 minutes to read the prompt, 6 minutes inside with the interviewer, and then 2 minutes break for you while the interviewer gives feedback. Some of the stations you take the entire 6 minutes, while others you can answer the prompt rather quickly. But the interviewer has follow up questions to keep the conversation going for the entire time. So for some of the stations, 6 minutes is not at all enough time, while others it's plenty. In the ones where you think you might need more time, make sure to hit the major take home messa
  2. This is not true at all. The stats for the inaugural class (which is the one currently attending classes) are not "near perfect" and you really don't know everything that they are looking for.
  3. Just gave up my seat to attend another program, so hopefully someone on the waitlist will be getting some good news! Btw... I had a great experience when I interviewed here, so making the decision between the two programs was very difficult. So anyone reading this for future cycles, definitely give Nova Jax a chance!
  4. Yes, it was announced officially today that they did receive the provisional accreditation!
  5. I had 13 different schools I attended (will be 14 when I start in August), and only one of my interviews asked me about it. As someone already mentioned, and it was true for me that I was having to work around my work schedule. The other thing I said was that it was an advantage because I was able to research and cherry pick my teachers to get the best teacher I thought I could. Additionally, I said that it proved something more about me in the determination that I had to insure that I took my classes in the best/most logical order possible as well as not having all the extra work it took to a
  6. They said it shouldn't change, but the projected start date is August 26th. (with orientation happening the week before. Not sure how many days of orientation though.)
  7. Just received my acceptance call too!! Congrats to those who are accepted to this program! I interviewed on November 5. It it is my understanding that they are announcing the entire class all at the same time. So if you are accepted I think you should be notified this week, no matter what your interview date. That is at least my understanding. Best wishes to all!
  8. They said 1000 completed applications. Interviewing 240 for 48 spots.
  9. Got the acceptance call this morning from Kandee! Interviewed on 25 October. Best wishes to all those still interviewing!
  10. Awwww hang in there! The waiting game in this process is sooooooooo hard.
  11. I received an interview invite today for November 5th!
  12. So I'm curious about the CASPer test.... if we've already taken it, should we forward the results to them if we have not heard anything back? I took it for another school and I see that UF is now listed as a school to which you can forward your results. Anyone hear anything?
  13. Here's hoping so..... might I ask how you know this?! ?
  14. Gotcha. Thanks so much! I haven't received that email, and I think I have one outstanding prereq. I suppose no news is good news. ? Best wishes on your interview!
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