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Advice and Guidance on first Job

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Hello everyone-


I am hoping to get some advice, guidance on how to go about obtaining my first job.  I will me done with my program the first week of May 2017 and I feel I start looking at different job prospects.  Here are my questions:


1- How do I go about communicating to the specific medical group, director or hospital where I am interested about working?


2-  What are the steps to take when it comes to looking/obtaining for your first job?


3- How to know if it is a good fit in terms of contract and duties?  Do we ask them directly? Is there a way to go about this and how to read/analyze a contract?


I feel that many new graduates, both NP and PA have an intimidation factor of asking "too much" being afraid they will lose a chance at attaining such job.   I hope you guys can assist me with this situation or provide me with some guidance.


Thanks in advance, 



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1--Network!  Get introduced to someone who knows someone.  All the good jobs are filled word-of-mouth; anything you see advertised is unlikely to be a nice job.  At all.

2--Network!  Also, get clinical rotations in the specialty and/or location where you want to work.

3--Anything more than 2 patients/hour is too much for a new grad, no matter what.  Seriously.  Don't sign long-term contracts, don't accept 75%+ salaries: you will likely either be asked to do something unethical or illegal, or be worked to death.  Or both.

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