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Chances- looking for advice

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I am looking to apply to PA school this upcoming cycle (beginning in April). I just want to see if it is worth it at all to apply this cycle or to if it would be better to wait until I have a stronger application. I'm looking to apply at grand valley state, Eastern Michigan, university of detroit, University of Dayton, (maybe) Northwestern University, midwestern university, and University of colorado- Denver or Boulder, so if anyone has any experience applying to those schools that would be extra helpful! I am most concerned about health care hours and GPA. 


My credentials:


- Neuroscience major at U of Michigan- Ann Arbor, will graduate 2018 (current junior)

- About 600 hours ED Scribe (will continue to accumulate hours)- Scribe for MDs and PAs

- Volunteer with spinal rehab program at U of M (feeding and lifting patients) - about 20 but will continue to accumulate

- One summer pharmacy research in Detroit

- One school year public health research at U of M

- Pre PA club at U of M

- Lifeguard/ swim coach/ special olympics coach (not healthcare but I would like to work in pediatrics)

-Young Life ( high school / college ministry) leader

- Shadowing hours: ICU PA, OB/GYN office, trauma surgeon, hospital pharmacy ( about 50 total, not all PA)


Current Science GPA: 3.05 (I know its low)

Overall GPA: 3.3

Most recent semester GPA: 3.5



Intro bio/ lab: B/B-/B (10 credits total)

Gen Chem: AP credit

Intro Psych: AP credit

Orgo 1: A (lab)/B (class)

Orgo 2: B (lab)/ C+ (class)        (considering retaking)

Biochem: B+ 

Intro to Microbio: A

Microbio (w/lab): A-

Statistics: B

Physics 100 level: A (class)/ B+ (lab)

Developmental Psych: A 

Anatomy:  currently taking - will be complete by the time I apply

Genetics: Currently taking - will be complete by the time I apply

Mammal physiology : B- (class)/A- (lab)


Other health- care related classes: 

Bioethics: currently taking 

Public health: A- 

Calculus: C (killed my GPA - can we pretend this didn't happen) 

cognitive psych: B+

biopsych: A

psychopharmacology: (drugs of abuse): currently taking-



Will take in the fall:

- HUMAN physiology

- Nutrition

- Medical terminology

- Physics 2

Will take before graduating:

- upper level molecular biology

- upper level neuroscience lab

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With your GPA being on the lower end of average, one key thing will be getting an above average GRE score. Especially considering your lack of patient care experience. The AP credit is another issue, most schools will not accept AP credit so you may have to work in a General Chem class into your final semester, it will also boost your science GPA a little bit. I applied to University of Colorado Denver (That is the only PA program) and they are pretty tough to get into, they have a lot of applications for a fairly small class. They are also pretty academically inclined, their average GPA is 3.73 and fairly high GRE scores as well.

If your have the funds to apply this coming cycle I would say go for it, it looks like your GPA is heading in the right direction and you are working on HCE. If not take a year to get you HCE up, study for GRE and apply the following cycle.

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