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Extracurricular/volunteer activities...two questions

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I have two questions on the "Extracurricular activities/volunteer experience" section:


1. I have several hundred (500+) hours of volunteer work for worldwide group, but it's religiously-affiliated. You can tell by the name of the organization what its religious affiliation is. I was a regional director for them and editor of their worldwide e-magazine. Should I include this in my application with a clearly religious connection? I know some experts advise resume writers to avoid mentioning religious organizations, but I wasn't sure in this case.


2. I was a member of Civil Air Patrol for 7 years (1994-2001); I was in it from junior high to my sophomore year of college. It's the civilian auxiliary of the US Air Force, and, among other things, we were trained in search & rescue, disaster relief, and as wilderness first responders. We responded to the aftermath of multiple F4 and one F5 tornadoes in 1998 and 1999, acting in our search & rescue and first responder capacities. It was my first taste of healthcare, and I loved it. The thing is, this is obviously OLD experience. I'm just not sure if experience that old would make me look desperate. Thoughts?

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1. Unless it's some wacky cult, include it, especially if it's part of your motivation for attending PA school.


2. Yes, I would list it in healthcare related experience. It's old, but nationally recognized, and shows the duration of your interest in and exposure to healthcare.

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