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US in EM by PAs

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Ladies and Gentlemen,


I am for some intel on how many of you EMPA's out there are credentialed to use US in the ED. 


At the moment (at least here in Northern California), there is definitely resistance to this, and I think it is unfortunate given the utility of US.


Our group has even gone so far as to have in-house CME on the use of US for guided vascular access, abscess, FB identification/removal, ect., but we have still failed to make it through the final "hoop" to charge for it, even those of us who have formal training.  Thus, the skill is learned and then it fades.


I don't see why we shouldn't be credentialed to do the above, as well as a GB, Kidney, or OB (circumstances dependent). (Damn if I had a nickel for every late night GB US).


Anyone else out there encounter this issue? 






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