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Opportunity to be 1st PA at FM practice

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Hello everyone.  I've been a long time browser on the forum however this is my first posting.  I'm a new grad seeking opportunities in EM/FM.  A friend of mine who manages contracted services for an east coast metro FM practice contacted me the other day saying the doc is looking to expand and hire a PA.  The practice is relatively new (<5yrs) and doc is the owner and sole provider; otherwise the only staff are a few admins and MA's.  I'm interviewing there later this week and since I am a new grad meeting with a doc that will be new to employing PA's I'd like to be prepared as far as having a mutual understanding of my role within the practice.


I've already consulted the AAPA career guides for the standard contract stipulations but does anyone have any concerns/suggestions specific to being the first PA to join a practice?  Any reservations about taking on this "pioneering" role while also being fresh out of school?  I hear the doc is a very nice guy but being the first PA has both pros and cons.


For those who work in smaller practices alongside one SP, are there any special considerations regarding salary?  Typically I rely on the AAPA & Bureau of Labor Stats Salary Reports.  I've been interviewing and receiving a steady stream of offers however some are so off base (5yr commitments, working for a $10/hr "MA" wage while doing EHR training, starting below the avg. BSN salary with a "possible increase" after 90 days, etc.) that I've declined without even attempting to negotiate.  I'm not trying to appear arrogant or picky however I also stand by our education and worth in the marketplace.


This is a second career for me and after seeing differences in how PA's are utilized (or not so utilized) I'm trying to be diligent in my job search.  I'd appreciate any advice you could provide.

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