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Job Interview questions

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I have several "site visits" coming up for ER positions.


I will meet the medical director, have a tour, and meet some of the PAs.


I have basically no experience choosing this kind of job, my school hasn't been exceptionally helpful, and I want to evaluate the opportunities wisely.


What are some questions you would ask, things you would look for, etc.?


Thank you for your wisdom.



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Hi Ktcan10! ;-)

Here are a few things that I'm looking for in my first gig:


-- Have they hired new grads in the past? If so, do they have a structured training/mentor protocol? This is #1 for me!!

-- How long before you're expected to be up to speed? And how do they define "up to speed"?

-- Specifics about pay and productivity structure?

-- Is this 1099 job or employee? Benefits? Realizing that if you're a 1099/contractor there are a bunch of extra considerations of which I'm not too knowledgable... just realize that the pay is much higher, but so is your costs associated (insurance, taxes, etc...)

-- What is average tenure of PAs in their dept? You want to gauge turnover & satisfaction of other PAs.

-- What is the role of PAs in their ED? Are you relegated to "fast-track" or is there opportunity to work into the main ED?

-- Is there a Jimmy Johns within delivery distance? 


The last one is non-negotiable ;-)



See ya in a few weeks!

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Agree with questions about whether they hired new grads in past, structured training/mentor program, PA tenure, and eventual role (fast track vs main ED).


Also ask about expected patients per hour.  What is the schedule, shifts, etc?


I would NOT ask about compensation/benefits until they offer you a job.  If they tell you it's $65/hour with XXX benefits during the interview process, and then offer you a job...you are kinda stuck with the $65/hour.  However if you don't discuss the benefits during the interview process, and then they offer you a job at $65/hour, you can suggest $75/hour.  


Also, if you're not experienced with "site visits" and interviews, recommend you go to a couple of interviews at places you don't really care about to get more comfortable with them.  

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