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Fair Salary System

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So i'm currently in negotiations with my supervising physician working in Orthopedic Spine.  I've been with him for 6 years and have been his only PA.

We are the most successful spine team in our market, but my practice forbids PAs to see any numbers.  So I have no idea what I really bring in.  They want to keep telling me i'm on "target" with other PAs in the group.  I have found out through other channels that I bring in the most of any PA in the practice, but am at the median salary for the PAs in my group.


Our current system is a base salary and a bonus at the end of the year at the physician's discretion(read as 5-10k).


My supervising mentioned going to a system where both his earnings and mine are put into one account.  That account pays for "overhead, medical assistants and other expenses."


After that he and I split the rest with a pre-set percentage.


It was said that if I wanted to go to a system like that I would have to find a working example of the system and present it to the practice.  


My question to you guys...


Is anyone currently in a system like that?

Does it work?  Details?

What percentage do you take?


Any other ideas or salary system ideas is greatly welcome!



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I have a set up similar to this. I get a base salary and then I get a percentage of my collections after Im revenue neutral. I do like it like this because it definitely gives me some skin in the game. One of the reasons why I think it works is because I do have access to all my collections. We do this quarterly. I am in Neurosurgery. initially it started @ 10% but have incrementally increased my salary and percentage through yearly renegotiations.


PM me if you have any specific questions

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I have no experience with the pay system your doc proposed so take the following as general thoughts.


First, you SHOULD have access to all the "numbers". If someone doesn't want you to see the financials then I would argue said someone has something to hide.


Second, of course they are going to tell you that you are "on target" with the other PA's. This only benefits them, by telling every PA they are "on target" and not disclosing financials they can keep costs down....IE, PA wages!. So, if you make the median wage that means (roughly speaking) half of the PA's make more then you. Are you ok with that? Based on your above statement that "We are the most successful spine team in our market" I would think not, so why settle? No offense intended to the other PA's in your group but each should be evaluated on their own merits/contributions.   


Third, if your collaborating doc presented the new pay structure/option to you I would ask/require them to "find a working example" and present it to you, after all it was their idea, not yours.

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I agree with the above - THEY need to prove it's going to be profitable for you.  And in order for you to evaluate the benefits of a system like that, you should be seeing current numbers.  How can you decide that a new system is going to be profitable for you if you don't know exactly how much you are pulling in?  All it takes is one round of the new system and you not seeing numbers for them to say 'Overhead is costly, your earnings didn't cover enough, you get X% of no profit'.  I can assure you the doc won't be taking a hit to the pocket.

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As your UPIN is yours I think you can get info directly from the insurance company


Heck the Medicare data is on line..... Might be worth looking into



I am not sure it is legal to restrict the billing info, and if so then you likely want a bullet proof clause in your contract that they are 100% responsible for all billing issues, and will reimburse you for ANY expenses or penalties that come up....

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