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What science courses while waiting to apply?

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Hi, everyone,


I had planned to apply for PA school in the 2012 application year (starting classes 2013), but I am delaying my application until the 2014 application cycle (starting class 2015) for family reasons. I will be done with my prerequisites in Fall 2013, so I'm now trying to decide what to do with myself between Fall 2013 and the application season for 2014. Obviously, I'll try to get a job for more HCE, but, other than that, should I take more science courses? Here's the breakdown of my stats:


uGPA, B.A. in journalism (2004) - 3.28

sGPA by Fall 2013, projected calculations done with CASPA's method - ~3.65

post-baccGPA - 4.0

HCE hours - ~1,700 as an ED tech, 2,000 as PT tech/business manager. Currently not employed as we are stationed overseas, but hopefully to add 1,000 hours before the application year.


Science courses taken/will take by Fall 2013:

Biology I, Biology II, Chem I, Chem II, Nutrition, Microbiology, Pathophysiology, Medical Terminology (not technically science, I know, but a prereq), and OChem I.


Should I plan to take OChem II? Genetics? Other? I want to keep boosting my science GPA, as my total GPA probably won't change much (unfortunately). Or should I just focus on developing a great personal statement, GRE, and HCE?

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