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  1. I did. Great experience. Rounded through general cardiology, EP, CT surgery, CVICU, CCU, one-on-one training on reading echos, procedure training - placing Swan's, CVC, vas-caths, arterial lines. Great team leading the residency. Some of the most knowledgeable PA's and NP's I've ever known. Great docs and nurses too. Piedmont is a great place to work.
  2. You do know that Piedmont has a cardiology fellowship for PA's, right?
  3. The problem is that there is a job in my field, in my desired area, with MUCH better pay than I am getting now and I'm "not qualified" simply because I'm a PA. Yes, I could get another PA cardiology job somewhere else but the fact that I'm being denied a job because I'm a PA is total bullsh*t.
  4. Sorry, typo. Yes, they advertised for an NP and denied my application because I'm a PA.
  5. So I saw a job listing for a cardiology NP and applied. I am one of 11 PA's in the country who has completed a cardiology residency. I've worked 4 years in the CCU and 2 years in OP cardiology. I would imagine that I'm qualified for the position.. I was told that the job posters " can't consider a PA". Friggin b*llsh*t.
  6. They are hiring a new grad NP and will train them for a minimum of three months on days. I would assume they would do the same for a new grad PA. Guys says he loves to teach. Sure it's going to be a steep learning curve but not horrible if they get onboarded slowly with a lot of mentoring.
  7. Daly City, CA. About 5 miles south of SF
  8. Want to work nocturnal ICU? I know of a job paying $200K/yr just south of SF.
  9. I gotta know if you really did apply and if you heard anything.
  10. I've been hearing this nonsense as well. I've had two patients this week tell me they believe the vaccine is going to be used as a tracking device. I didn't realize how many insanely stupid people are out there.
  11. Check out med cram vent management on youtube. Pretty good intro.
  12. Did this today as pulmonologist sent patient back to me for continued SOB/hypoxia. LHC with no CAD, echo with normal EF and no VHD. Pulmonary med hasn't figured out what's causing her issues but no one has worked up coccidiomycosis. Now this is not my area of medicine but knew enough that this should be ruled out as it's prevalent in our area. Quick search to see exactly what should be ordered. Patient was happy that I was thinking of things other than cardiac and I was open that this is not my area of expertise.
  13. https://www.indeed.com/m/viewjob?jk=0db31b6856dc08f5&from=serp&prevUrl=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.indeed.com%2Fm%2Fjobs%3Fq%3DPhysician%2BAssistant%2BCardiology%26l%3DCalifornia God I hope this is a typo. Offering $14.00/hr for specialty medicine in CA is a total joke. I could make more at my local grocery store.
  14. I am getting the patient in to see the cardiologist ASAP. I am sending my last OV note to the PCP with a copy of the pacer interrogation. I came very close to calling him but held back because I'm sure I would have flipped my lid. I've had run ins with two of the local PCPs over these kinds of issues. One is in his late 60's and the other in his mid 70's. I'm sure they never worked with a PA in their life. Whenever a PCP gives me a hard time about being a knuckle dragging PA I always think of the time when I was working in the CCU and some big shot brought his personal PCP in with him. W
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