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  1. bike mike

    Hypothermic cardiac arrest

    Good Lord, a K+ over 10.....yeah, they’re dead.
  2. Who the hell is ordering a LHC for pre op clearance for a pt with low probability of CAD? That is insane. When they eventually inadvertently cause a dissection on an otherwise healthy patient they’ll get sued for a pretty penny.
  3. bike mike

    Hypothermic cardiac arrest

    At my old job this pt probably wouldn’t be a candidate for ECMO given that long of a downtime and unlikely neurological recovery.
  4. I usually don't pay much attention to the machine's interpretation. Wrong too often. Can't tell you how many STEMI's I've been called to for someone in atrial flutter and the ECG reads anterior STEMI.
  5. bike mike

    Cardiology Opportunities in WA

    You could always do a CT surgery residency. After that you could get a job anywhere.
  6. bike mike

    SLO area job search

    It is in my desired specialty - cardiology. Not critical Care cardiology which is what I do now but I’m ok with that given that I get to live in the area where I always wanted to retire.
  7. bike mike

    SLO area job search

    Just landed one of those coveted jobs and plan to stay a looooong time.
  8. bike mike

    Study or move?

    Ha ha...so true. And if you end up moving to San Francisco call it "The City" because if you call it Frisco I think they throw you out.
  9. bike mike

    PAs doing TEE

    I think it would be very difficult for a PA to get credentialed to perform TEE's. Would be a cool skill to have though. Being able to do a decent bedside echo is a great skill in critical care. Can't tell you how many times I've needed to throw a probe on a patient's chests when they are circling the drain......or halfway down it and its nice to be able to get some good images when you are trying to figure out if they have a huge pericardial effusion, if their anterior wall is down, etc.
  10. bike mike

    Advice on moving to California

    You can afford it if you are old and invested in the early 90’s before things got crazy.
  11. bike mike

    Anyone only apply to one or two schools?

    The year I got in I had only applied to one school. Make sure you understand what they are looking for and make sure you line up with that.
  12. Hmmmm. If he is worried about PA/NP's then he should spend a day in my CCU where our team of knuckle-dragging PA/NP's regularly take transfers from other facilities where docs throw up their hands due to a highly complex patient and we as APP's take over management of the patient and often turn things around. Yeah, I don't worry about guys like this because they would probably be shitting their pants if they spent a day in my unit.
  13. bike mike

    Paying preceptors

    Preceptors getting paid???......that's messed up.
  14. Agree. And if some swearing offends you.......don't listen.
  15. bike mike

    Central Valley/Fresno PA jobs/lifestyle

    Agree with EMEDPA.....central valley CA is a dump. There is a reason that the PA jobs offered there usually pay a ton. On the plus side, I'm sure there is affordable housing in that part of CA. Oh, and Salinas in the central valley has a fairly high crime rate/gang activity. I would say if you are thinking of working/moving there spend a day in the area to get a sense of the place.

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