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  1. I meant that is Their belief......not mine
  2. I work in cardiology with 11 cardiologists. When I came on board not all of them were so sure about PAs. I've been able to prove my abilities to the group and physicians who previously wouldn't send their patients to a PA now regularly send them my way. I shudder when I see some of our consults sent by some of the local PAs which just reenforces their beliefs that most PAs don't know what they are doing. Today we received a consult for a patient with complaints of dizziness. It appears they didn't pay any attention to the TSH of 64 and the Hgb of 8.2. Good Lord.
  3. I had to take a lower base salary to move to my desired location and preferred specialty but get a bonus based on productivity. With my bonus I make a good living and make more than my last job. Can you negotiate for productivity bonus in the job you are applying for? Admittedly it is a bit of a risk relying on a bonus to make what you deserve.
  4. When I was working inpatient I worked 3 13hrs shifts per week with the option to pick up extra shifts. Loved my schedule with exception of my required night shifts.
  5. Having worked briefly for a teaching institution once before I would never do it again for the reasons you described.
  6. I work in cardiology. Usually see between 18-20 pts per day in the OP setting. I come in an hour early to write short notes/labs/imaging info on each patient. Makes for a very efficient day (for me anyway) and I can usually stay relatively on time.
  7. Georgia was a great place to practice. I made good money and cost of living was pretty cheap. I'm in CA now. Money is good but cost of living is considerably higher.
  8. One good resource: Spocus.org I was one of three PAs that were credentialed for POCUS at my last job. Officially I was allowed to perform US looking at gross LV function, gross RV function, and evaluate for pericardial effusion. In reality the physicians asked us to assess for everything from evidence of TAVR thrombosis to evidence of an LV free wall rupture in the setting of a code. It's definitely a great skill set to have.
  9. I want to know what the folks do who are pulling in $250K or more. Derm? CT surgery? Psych?
  10. While I don't work in the ER at my hospital I heard about a hilarious presentation recently. Woman comes in with multiple clothespins attached to her face with complaints of facial pain. I would have loved to be the one seeing this patient.
  11. What is her AF burden? If it is very low I think jumping to an ablation is a bit overkill. If she has a significant AF burden and is symptomatic then move forward with ablation with someone you trust.
  12. In the past two weeks I found severe aortic stenosis in one patient and another with "permanent AFib" who was in fact in SR......all from using the "rubber hoses".
  13. No evidence of ischemia on this resting ECG.
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