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Opportunities for a PA-C/MPH?

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Hi there -


I have an MPH and have worked in national and local-level public health for the past 5 years (including time in grad school) and am currently working as an epidemiologist overseas (with a CDC program). I have always been drawn to clinical care though, and am really drawn to type of care provided by a PA.


I know that traditionally, clinical roles in public health, and especially epidemiology, have been filled by MD/MPHs (and sometimes RN/MPHs). I have experience in Infectious and Chronic Disease Epi, Public Health Research, and Disease Surveillance, and would love to bring a clinical perspective to these areas. However - I am worried that there may be some barriers to PA's obtaining positions in these roles.


In other words, I'm wondering what opportunities there are in public health and epidemiology for a PA/MPH?


Would love to hear real-life experiences of anyone, themselves or those they know.



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