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  1. Does anyone know when we will receive the decision letters on the portal? Thanks!
  2. Hi All, Has anyone received any information on the zoom interview format? Have any tips? Or has had the interview already? Thanks so much! Any help is greatly appreciated!
  3. Hi All, I was offered an interview via zoom this morning. Looks like they are interviewing in the first week in May. Has anyone had an interview yet? Any tips of what they are looking for? Thanks so much and best of luck!
  4. @bg776 Thank you so much for that information! I really appreciate it! Aiming to submit tomorrow
  5. Hi All, Just found this program (late to the game...) and am thinking of applying this week since the deadline isn't until March. Does anyone know if there is still a chance for interviews/acceptances? Thanks!!!
  6. I checked the forum from last year and people received interview invites up until January 14th. So hopefully there is a chance for more! Fingers crossed and wishing everyone the best of luck
  7. Hi everyone, For those of you that got an interview, was your application status updated on the portal? Thanks!
  8. Hi everyone, For those of you that got an interview, was your application status updated on the portal? Thanks!
  9. Hi All! I submitted July 11th and haven't received any notification or confirmation and from looking it seems most people are hearing back a two months after submission. Has anyone else submitted in July and heard or not heard back? Thanks so much!
  10. Hi All! I am a graduate student in public health and have worked with providers to inform patient care plans as well as screen patients for adverse childhood experiences, resiliency, quality of life, etc... I have not been an EMT, CNA, Aid, or other roles that are usually seen with direct patient care experience for PA schools. I have already submitted my application, but after attending an information session I am nervous that schools will not count my public health hours as patient care (I made the mistake of listing them as health care experience and not patient care experience). Does anyone have any thoughts on this process? I have already reached out to one school directly and added the experiences as patient care experience in CASPA (it lets you do this even after submission, but I do not know what happens next). I do have a lot of healthcare experience and research experience. Have anyone else added experiences after they submitted? Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Feel free to private message if that is better for you. Thanks so much! I really appreciate any support with this!
  11. Submitted to CASPA July 23rd. Received confirmation that my application is under review today September 18th. Did anyone who received an interview invite also receive verification from LIU? If so can you provide the timeline/dates for this. Thank you so much!
  12. Hi All, Does anyone know what the logistics of this accreditation process look like? It is possible that after 2021 the program would end? Thanks so much!!!
  13. Hi All, I am looking to take an online microbiology course this spring, and hoping to apply to PA schools in CA. I see a lot on Doane, but do not think the schools I want to apply to take their courses. I do not see them as an accepted institution on the page. Has anyone taken microbiology online with UC san diego (professor Maria Ochoa Fernandez) or with UNE? Or applied to PA schools in CA, and taken microbiology online. How long does the UNE course take to complete? I am currently working and balancing a lot so any advice would be sincerely appreciated!!! Thank you!!!!
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