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  1. Hi All, I just received an interview but will be turning it down since I am starting another program in the fall. Best of luck to whoever gets it!!!
  2. Hi All, Just declined my acceptance, hoping that opens a spot for someone else!
  3. Hi All, For those accepted and waiting for more info, I interviewed on 2/13 was accepted on 2/16, and just received an acceptance email with information on how to submit my deposit!
  4. Hi All, Does anyone have the link of the virtual tour from the interview saved? I thought I saved it but I can't find it. Thanks!!!
  5. @Picklemeister My interviewer told me we should be receiving acceptances packets 2-3 weeks from when we get a call and that an email will come then too!
  6. Hi All, Interviewed Saturday and received my acceptance call this afternoon!! Best of luck everyone!!!
  7. Hi All, Interviewing on 2/13 and wondering if anyone knows anything regarding the format of the interview? Or if those interviewing tomorrow received anymore information? Happy to meet with others who will be in on 2/13 group prior. Thanks so much!!
  8. @Lholloway14 Thanks so much!! Was there an essay portion and/or MMI last year?
  9. Also received an interview for 2/13!!! Does anyone who interviewed last year know the structure/format?
  10. Hi All, Congratulations to those who received acceptances and good luck to all! I am interviewing in two weeks and am from out of state. I do not know much about the area. I am doing my research but would love to hear how the interview went for those that have interviewed! Was there an MMI section? What was the format? Any tips would be greatly appreciated! Feel free to message me privately if you prefer. Thank you so much! Good luck everyone!
  11. Interviewed on 10/7/20 and just received my acceptance letter. Good luck to all!!
  12. Does anyone know when we will receive the decision letters on the portal? Thanks!
  13. Hi All, Has anyone received any information on the zoom interview format? Have any tips? Or has had the interview already? Thanks so much! Any help is greatly appreciated!
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