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Chance of getting in with my experience and education

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Hey Guys

My name is Justin and I'm planning on applying next June.


Currently I have completed all preqs



Chem- B

Micro- A

And a slew of other credits that add up to about 80 different units


I have 6 years experience in the medical field

3 years in a lab as a phlebotomist

3 years in a urgent care as a lab technician using chemistry,coagulation, and CBC machines.


I also have 6 months full shadow experience under a doctor

And have volunteered for one year at a under-deserved medical clinic in Downtown LA helping low income community's


What else should I do to help or should I retake any classes.

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Do some research. Read every Stanford post and any other post that pertains to you. You will find the answers. Then if you have further questions, feel free to post or private msg me.


I'm a current Stanford student. And yes, I read every post for 4 schools before I applied.

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