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  1. Just canceled my interview fire the 5th. Good luck everybody!
  2. Just canceled my interview. Good luck everybody!
  3. Interview at the Portland campus on Nov 17.
  4. 3.8 gpa, EMT for 7 years, PA shadow for 100 hours, and volunteer at community health clinic for 150 hours.
  5. I'm looking to shadow a PA in the SF Bay Area or Sacramento area. I'm applying to schools this summer and would like the experience and possibly a letter of recommendation. I have plenty of patient contact hours by volunteering at a free clinic for over 2 years and working as an EMT for 7. Please PM me if you or you know of someone that is willing to help. Thanks.
  6. I just got mine today for 2/22. I'm from the SF Bay Area.
  7. Are there any more interview dates being offered? I haven't heard anything yet from Davis.
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