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  1. Have you guys come across programs that favor or give preference to science majors?
  2. So I am currently a sociology major going into my second year in undergrad. I was thinking about just taking 1 science course each semester and possible in the summer. This way I can spread out my overall science load and give more attention in each class. Do you think that this is a good way to approach this or should I be taking a "heavier science course load" in certain semesters? I'm not necessarily the strongest student in sciences yet, and I'm afraid of jeopardizing my sGPA.
  3. Hey! Do you mind sharing what you did to improve your application after each cycle?
  4. I don't mean to get so philosophical here, but I can't seem to shake this feeling off my mind. How do you know what you want to do in life? Or will you ever be content? A good amount of people on here are doing the PA route as a second degree. What spark went off inside you head to lead you down this path? Vice versa, many people here have know that they wanted to be a PA since forever (high school/ college). How do you know that is the path for you? Do you ever have this "well what if I did this... or man if I had only done that..." feeling. My biggest fear is not finding my path in life. I'm on the younger side (early 20s), but I still feel like time is running out and seeing peers my age thrive in their respective fields/life isn't necessarily making me feel any better. Any advice or words of wisdom (especially from those who've been through a fair share of life)?
  5. Is anyone on here (pre-PA, PA-S, or PA-C) a business major / have a business degree? Just out of curiosity, why did you leave the corporate world?
  6. I know that you can literally major in ANYTHING, but do some programs have an inherent preference for science majors. Would majoring in for instance Communications, be seen as taking the "easy way out". Obviously, getting an A in a upper division communications class is easier than getting an A in a upper division biology class (not a pre-req). This would lead to a high cGPA but will pa programs hold this against you in some way???
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