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Cool 2 yr fellowship for PA with Mph or Dhsc at CDC

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E, you should probably contact them to make sure that they will accept a DHSc degree, they should, but you have to remember that it is a fairly new degree here in the US.


For example, many of the postdoctoral NIH and AHRQ grants don't list the DHSc as an eligible degree. (It can be, BTW, but I had to actually talk to the selection people for both to confirm that).


I think it is a great option.....

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  • Doctoral-level Scientists (PhD, DrPH, ScD, etc.)
    Doctoral level scientists with backgrounds in
    • Epidemiology

    • Biostatistics
    • Biological, environmental, social, behavioral, or nutritional sciences
    • Other relevant health science

I would certainly check if I got serious about this. their criteria certainly seems to spell out DHSc though. I take epidemiology, biostats, etc as part of my global health track at nova. we have a job board at the nova site with many CDC/UN/WHO/USAID/etc jobs posted so apparently they are open to DHSc grads.

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