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Urological Association of Physician Assistants

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I am a PA student who will graduate this May. I am about to perform my second clinical rotation with a urologist. He has expressed interest in hiring me and I enjoyed my first rotation with him- I could definitely see myself working in urology. However, I am trying to research the role of PAs in urology so that I can be a bit more knowledgeable when we discuss a contract/job expectations (this urologist has used only NPs in the past- no PAs). I have read some of the other posts regarding this subject and I am wondering if any of you could suggest reputable sites that offer more information? Does anyone know when the Urological Association of Physician Assistants website is supposed to be finished? Currently, it just says "coming soon."


Thanks for your help and advice!


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HI! I just want to preface this post that i am just a Pre-PA who id dying to get into urology... so im no pro but upon searching helpful sites i found this one:



i hope that helps


ive also had luck just searching job listings for PAs in urology to see what people want to hire them for (try indeed.com or moster, etc...)


Good luck!

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In a an effort to bump this:

I will begin my first job in Uro in the next few months and I was wondering if any of the people here on the forum are members of the UAPA. 

In the event you are I was hoping you could speak to the benefits of membership. Being both a new grad and having minimal prior experience in this specialty I am hoping UAPA might have quality resources for both CME/education and tips on information regarding the benefits for the practice of having a PA get OR time. 

The position I have taken currently uses RN 1st assists or double surgeons for cases and have mentioned possible opportunities for a PA to be utilized. 


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