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  1. Primary Care RAP for....well primary care. Beyond that I also enjoy the Curbsiders Podcast for primary care as well.
  2. I don’t like analogies between the human body and appliances so much. It’s too simplistic. Healthcare systems are complex and involve trade offs. No simple answers! DPC can be great but mostly for the healthy and well off. Patients with multiple comorbidities would really struggles with costs.
  3. Good for patients with the means. This covers no medicine, specialty visits, ER visits, diagnostics, or surgery so they still will need insurance. That combined cost is likely a burden for many.
  4. The president has made some relatively small changes via the executive branch that are improvements. He has not suddenly delivered price transparency but he has likely increased it. Price transparency by itself seems to be viewed by policy experts as heavily limited in practical terms of helping with costs. He repeatedly says his plan gives more people insurance that is both more generous and cheaper. He has not released this plan. He is also pursing the dismantling of the largest expansion in coverage since Medicare was passed without a plan to deal with the fallout.
  5. It’s very difficult to take another medical professional seriously when they claim a virus that has killed 200k people in our mutual home will stop immediately based solely on a political transition. This logic is of course why we have the response and outcomes we do.
  6. I agree regarding the difference between residency and our role in patient care. We see patients and preferably at maximum capacity, residents have structured learning. Female vs male: it seemed like you said female for a reason but now you won’t clarify. I do understand why but I don’t know if it’s worth making that statement the begin with. It might be generational as well. Boomer physicians work more than millennials. Perhaps the push for more autonomy is split more along generational lines?
  7. I was asking what being a young female with minimal clinical experience compared to a young male with minimal clinical experience might have to do with the push for more autonomy. You are highlighting men generally work more hours than women and that this is preferred by an employer. I don’t disagree.
  8. I do not disagree with this summation with the caveat that I am hoping you will specify what young females vs young males is implying. I believe physicians are nearing 50/50 distribution for M:F. Thanks in advance.
  9. Will physicians refuse to supervise NPs for the required 3 years as push back?
  10. I don’t worry about the timeframe as long as the process is still followed. I worry about political pressure short changing the process. Depending on the trial results I won’t view this any differently than influenza vaccine in regards to employment policy.
  11. I just want to do two things here: Emphasize the advice about dot phrases/macros and then thank everyone for noting it could be worse. I switched from Epic to Cerner and really miss Epic. I should probably just be thankful it’s not worse.
  12. I recall the sentiment among public health experts that if we do enough of the the right things and are able to limit the catastrophic possibilities many will say we went overboard. Here we are I suppose.
  13. This is going to be an extremely rare situation and not broadly applicable. There are going to be locations where a highly trained/experienced PA is going to be integral to the facility even being open. Mostly though we’re really going to fill a different role. Man that reddit response was something.
  14. I genuinely appreciate the offer but I have been quite exposed to functional medicine and will simply say: Pass.
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