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  1. I am registering for the CAQ exam next year and would love feedback from those of you who have been through the process. 1. What study materials did you guys use? I'm looking at Med Study (but I've heard the books are very dense) and the Pediatric Board Review books by Asish Goyal. I'm wondering which is best...there is also AAP Prep? 2. How long did you guys study for? Thanks. I appreciate any feedback!
  2. I am a PA with 8 years experience in pediatrics (outpatient). I've been toying a little with the idea of going for the CAQ and was wondering if anyone who had gone through the process would be willing to share their experience? My husband is the primary breadwinner in our family and as such I'm sort of at the mercy of his career in terms of where we live, how often we move around, etc. I was thinking having the CAQ would be helpful when moving to a new state, trying to get a new job etc. My biggest question is in regards to the procedures/patient case requirement. Because I work in an outpatient clinic, we rarely perform procedures such IV medication administration, LPs and we certainly never perform central lines or intubate. Does this exclude me? How does this work- would I need to get experience in these areas before I can be considered for this qualification? Thanks. Any insight is much appreciated.
  3. I received an email from the NCCPA about new specialty CAQs being offered (specifically pediatrics) and I am intrigued. What is the general concensus regarding the value of obtaining a CAQ? Does anyone have experience in the process? I guess I am wondering... Is it worth it? Thanks for your input!
  4. I have been offered a position as a PA at a nursing home. I would also be expected to make a few house calls 2 days a week. Does anyone have experience in geriatrics and/or house calls? I'd really appreciate hearing what you liked and did not like about your position. Thanks.
  5. I am a PA student who will graduate this May. I am about to perform my second clinical rotation with a urologist. He has expressed interest in hiring me and I enjoyed my first rotation with him- I could definitely see myself working in urology. However, I am trying to research the role of PAs in urology so that I can be a bit more knowledgeable when we discuss a contract/job expectations (this urologist has used only NPs in the past- no PAs). I have read some of the other posts regarding this subject and I am wondering if any of you could suggest reputable sites that offer more information? Does anyone know when the Urological Association of Physician Assistants website is supposed to be finished? Currently, it just says "coming soon." Thanks for your help and advice! Caitlen
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