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  1. How did you find out about this residency? I thought I saw something about the EM Residency at the Orlando VA, but I couldn't find any more information about it on the website (even though it talked about other post-graduate opportunities). But the weird part is that I found a recently expired job posting by the Orlando VA looking for a EM PA to lead the residency.
  2. @sammielittle12' nevermind, I just saw your other post. I'll post my other questions there .
  3. @sammielittle12' was your EM Residency one of the VAs programs? Is that how you were able to get your job at the VA?
  4. I think that really is key. We should keep providing quality care like we always have and trust that the patients that really know us will disregard this garbage.
  5. Who was it specifically that declined independent practice at the VA? Was it the PAs already working in the VA? Was it the AAPA? State boards? I'm just trying to get clarification on who made that decision and what the explanation was.
  6. I am considering this residency as well. I would also like more information regarding what the day-to-day in this residency looks like and what the job prospects are after completion.
  7. 2. Ask your financial advisor the following very important question: "Do you have fiduciary responsibility to me AT ALL TIMES?" If he/she can't say yes, move on to another advisor. Fiduciary responsibility means that the advisor is legally required to recommend products that benefit you rather than ones that benefit him or her.
  8. Where are the better markets currently located?
  9. That's awesome! Why can't all hospitals be like yours?
  10. While it is possible, it can be difficult, especially if your area is not the biggest fan of PAs. That being said, I don't think you'll have a problem in Chicago. Just in case, try to set up some rotations and do some networking there.
  11. I definitely would not accept the offer as is. It's best to stick with a 1 year contract; you never know what the future might hold. Plus 89k is ridiculously low. I made more than that as a new grad 3 years ago. Back then, I was in urgent care, but still....From what I've read, psych is supposed to pay really well. And don't feel obligated to take the offer just because you work there part-time. They knew what the deal was since you first signed up. You could try negotiating, though they seem pretty inflexible. You could also try looking just outside of your target area. Where are you l
  12. How did it end up going? Was it a good program/learning experience? Did it increase your job prospects and earning potential?
  13. Any new insights to be shared? On the VA or any other family medicine residencies?
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