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  1. Now that you've been in IR for a few years, do you have any other suggestions for books or resources?
  2. How have you been able to work in so many different specialties? What's your secret? I would LOVE to have that much mobility!
  3. Thank you for the insight @LT_Oneal_PAC. I, too, am considering which type of residency might be best for me personally. I am most interested in preserving lateral mobility. I have to be, considering I'm in a NP-loving state, but I also want to be, as I generally believe it's important to be prepared for the unexpected. I could see an emergency medicine residency being beneficial for exposure to every specialty, but also for the ability to keep calm in an acute situation (and for the ability to be prepared for the unexpected!) . While I think one can study to refresh his/her knowledge of preventative medicine, I would imagine that there is no way that one can learn from a textbook to think rationally in an emergency situation.
  4. There are several PA programs in Georgia. I don't think any PA programs are online, though. Here's a link to the list of all accredited programs: http://www.arc-pa.org/accreditation/accredited-programs/. And you're very welcome. PS: I'm not a "sir" (see my name).
  5. I was not aware of that so thank you. It's just unfortunate that a Master's degree has officially become a barrier to entry to a profession intended to help alleviate the healthcare shortage, especially when PAs without Master's degrees had to pass the exact same PANCE.
  6. I hate that Master's degrees are required, especially considering that PAs with certificates/associate's/bachelor's degrees have to pass the same PANCE as any other PAs. The main difference is that they probably save 2/3 to 3/4 the cost of tuition. I certainly hope that they don't begin requiring doctorate degrees for PAs. If a PA has to jump through that big of a hoop plus pay even more in tuition just to still not be an independent practitioner, he/she may as well go to medical school.
  7. https://www.mdc.edu/physicianassistant/ Please keep in mind there are bachelors (and even associates) degrees in physician assistant studies. Above is a link to a program at Miami Dade College where you do both an associate in science and a bachelor of applied science with concentrations in physician assistant studies. It appears that once you've completed it, you're ready to take the PANCE (certification exam). This program should save you time and a considerable amount of money, especially if you can establish Florida residency first. You keep bringing up your IQ as a reason why you think you can't do it. To this day, I have no idea what my IQ even is. That didn't stop me from becoming a physician assistant. It's not about your IQ, it's about working hard and believing that you can do it. Because you can.
  8. For the purpose of maintaining lateral mobility, would you consider emergency medicine to be more "generalist"? Also, why do you recommend a doctorate?
  9. How did Trump's tax overhaul end up affecting your S corporation? Also, did you find out if malpractice insurance covers you in states other than the one in which you're incorporated?
  10. I can't personally speak on the value of a dietetics degree for PA school, but.... PA school can be difficult to get into, even with that good of a GPA. If I were you, I would finish the RD and use it as a back up plan but also as a way to acquire the needed patient contact hours. Somehow, I don't think that patient contact hours through a CNA look better than hours through your RD (but I could be wrong). Also remember that while most PA schools require patient contact hours, if you were to apply to a different school than the one you're considering, they may not be so preoccupied with the hours being "diverse." I know the school I'm in was not particularly concerned about that. I hope this helps :-)
  11. Thanks SmokeyBear. Also, what are some fun things to do around Pittsburgh?
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