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Class of 2014

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Hey there,

I am a fellow applicant as well. According to last year's posts, it looks like it will be a while before we hear anything, but I just wanted to say hello and good luck! I am on the other side of the country so unfortunately I won't be able to attend any information sessions, but I would love to hear your thoughts about the program after you are able to go! Feel free to PM me, or just post on here if you'd prefer. Thanks!

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Just submitted mine. Does anyone care to share their GPA/GRE/patient care statistics?




Prereq GPA: 3.23

Overall GPA: 3.18

GRE: 1220 (Quant: 620; Verbal: 600) 3.0 on writing part :/


1500+ hrs as an EMT-b

800+ hrs as an ER tech


I also have some good references from my current job as an ER tech.


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Submitted my app last week. I've applied to a ton of schools, but MUSC is what I consider my "dream school". I know it will be a while before we hear anything, but I am already so nervous!



3.4 GPA

Bachelor of Business Admin

Master of Science, BA


1500+ Hours Orthopaedic Spine Doctor's Assistant

300+ hours volunteering in a level 1 trauma unit

250+ hours neuropharmacology research lab assistant



-PhD I did neuropharm research under

-Gerneral Surgery MD at Trauma Unit

-Orthopaedic PA-C from world-renowned Orthopaedic Clinic

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Even by applying by the priority deadline, you still won't know of their decision until sometime in December. I'd go ahead and submit it, especially if you have already filled everything out. When I went to the info session back in April, we were told that if you have any grades lower than a B in your core science courses that you should retake the class before you apply.

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Hello everyone! I'm excited as well to be applying this year. I've worked at MUSC for the past 3 years and am from Charleston, so I can say that you'd be very happy here :) I'm on the lower end of the stat scale as it were, but I'm applying anyway this year. I know it might take another year, but I'm being optimistic!


Pre-req GPA: 3.4

Cum GPA: 2.9

GRE: 1030

Pt Hrs.: 4,000+

Shadowing hrs: 140


Good luck to everyone!!

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