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  1. Thanks guys - good to know. I was looking at some of them and they seem really easy. I was planning to do Kaplan as well. I'll stick to my original plan!
  2. Anyone that has taken the PANCE and done or seen the HIPPO PA questions - how accurately do they simulate actual PANCE questions? Are there better resources for practicing PANCE-like questions?
  3. Anyone know how many apps they recieved this last cycle? And how many seats arein the class?
  4. I currently live in Texas but my whole family is from WV and I've had family attend WLU as well. Been wanting to return home and be closer to family but currently I'd be an out of state resident and I didn't know how this would affect my chances because I know they are a public institution and prefer WV residents.
  5. I thought my PS was good, definitely tried to demonstrate my knowledge of the profession. My LORs were great too as far as I could tell. I'm really in a state of confusion.
  6. I'm hoping for a little advice...I applied last year and did not get in (no interview either). I have a 3.6 GPA and have over 6000 hrs of direct patient care. Not included in this number is that I'm a vascular ultrasound tech. I didnt submit my app last year until August and I'm trying to figure out if this was my downfall. When I didn't get in, I spoke with a lady in admissions that told me most students that get in have at least a 3.7 and that's why I didn't get in. I know this is not true from reading accepted students posts. Can anyone who was accepted or received an interview give me any direction? Is it truly my GPA?
  7. This program is really exciting to me as well! I am in the process of filling out my app as we speak. I currently live in texas but but my entire family is from the Beckley area and currently still live there and I've really been wanting to get back to my roots. Just hoping PA school will be the reason I get to do that! Anyone else applying to the program?
  8. How is the cumulative GPA calculated? Do you replace a grade if a course is retaken or do you use all grades when computing the overall GPA? And also, will the program prefer WV residents? My family is originally from WV so I have strong ties and would love to attend school there but I currently live in Texas.
  9. Anyone know how many students will be in the class of 2014? Also, do they wait to send rejection letters out until after they have finished interviews and the class has been selected or do they send out rejections as soon as they know they aren't going to interview you?
  10. Still no word yet on April interviews from anyone?
  11. I submitted mine the beginning of Dec. and still haven't heard anything...
  12. I submitted mine the beginning of Dec. and still haven't heard anything...
  13. I'm still anxiously waiting as well. I'm wondering the same thing.. Anyone have interviews for April?
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