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  1. Got the acceptance email today, YAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  2. I was selected for an interview on Nov 18th, I received the email notification on 10/28. I know of another person was selected for an interview on Dec. 2. My stats: 3.8 overal GPA, 3.9 prereq GPA, 4.0 core science prereq GPA; GRE 1120 (V and Q)
  3. Even by applying by the priority deadline, you still won't know of their decision until sometime in December. I'd go ahead and submit it, especially if you have already filled everything out. When I went to the info session back in April, we were told that if you have any grades lower than a B in your core science courses that you should retake the class before you apply.
  4. Hello! I just submitted my app last week. I'm thinking we should hear of interviews by mid to late October???? I am getting anxious as well. Stats: 3.8 Overall GPA 4.0 Science GPA GRE V510/M570 W3.5 600 hours medical exp
  5. Hi Chas! I'm not, I ended up choosing Duke and will be starting there in less than a month! Sorry I couldn't be more helpful... but if you have any questions about Duke's program I might be able to answer them. I do have a friend that is in the MUSC program, but I'm not sure if she's on this forum or not...

  6. Hi Loves2Share, I am new to the PA Forum. Are you at MUSC? I live in Charleston and will be applying to MUSC by Oct. 1 this year. Let me know if you're at MUSC, I have some questions if you are. Thanks!

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