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Shadowing PA in Los Angeles

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Good day,


I'm looking around for opportunities to shadow a PA in the surrounding areas of Los Angeles, CA.

I'm a pre-PA and if you have any advice, or anything, please also feel free to message me. I appreciate

anything thrown my way.


I'm by Kaiser Permanente in Buena Park and Methodist Hospital, Arcadia but anywhere would be amazing.

If anyone knows anyone, or anything, I will take anything that's available.


Thanks to those who even view this post.

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Check out PA shadow online http://pashadowonline.com/



LAC + USC department of Emergency Medicine



You can also contact Western university's patient care center. There are PA professors available for shadowing.



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i'm interested in the shadowing a pa professor at western university patient care center. is it program that i would do and then maybe get a letter of recommendation? i went to the website but couldn't find any info on how to shadow. do i just email them?

thank you very much


Yes, Just Call them or email them. PM me if you want more info.



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