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Loan repayment in US virgin Islands

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there are currently 3 slots on the nhsc loan repayment for the us virgin islands. get em while they are hot....

"yeah, my first 2 yrs as a pa I worked in an underserved area to pay back my loans...and scuba dived every weekend...."

they are all at this facility:


can't say I'm not tempted....

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Out of curiosity, would a VA hospital in the USVI (or other areas) with an opening for a PA automatically qualify for loan repayment? Or is it up to the job seeker to file for this benefit? I wasn't sure if practicing in an underserved area automatically qualifies you for loan repayment.

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does/did any of you have any experience in working in USVI? My husband and I are planning to move there at the end of this year and I am researching paperwork and requirements I need to get a license there and work there. I know it is an underserved area, but looks like they don't utilize that many PA's there. I know it's better to find a job there and talk to the people rather than finding them online, but I just want to know if any of you have insider tips or thoughts about working there.




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