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Acceptances/ Interviews?

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Congrats! Im so happy for you! I did interview with you, Im the girl from canada :) Im thinking your the one from Alabama with the little girls? (Im so sorry I forget your name!) Its so nice to know someone now that is going there...I made friends online with a girl who interviewed last week and she was told there were 3 of us accepted from our interview..so I wonder who else got in! Good luck with the move!

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the only class i am missing is medical terminology. but i am taking it right now online! Would that hurt my application acceptance?


I have an interview October 26! Do you have any tips or questions on what I should focus on? I hope I can be a part of your class!! =))

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hey workmanj, did they let you know before the interview that you still needed to finish a prerequisite coursework? I'm not sure if all of my prereqs are satisfied, but they still gave me an interview. Thanks =)


Also, does anyone have tips or suggestions on how the interview went? like what should i prepare for it? Thanks so much! this is my first interview! I am so NERVOUS!

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hi felikuo, my stats were something comparable to this ( im on vacation and cant remember exactly)

cum: 3.24?

pre req: probably 3.4

gre: 960 ( i did horrible... i was sick...this gives hope to everyone else out there!)

shadowing: 100 hours?

pt contact: all volunteer, non paid, over 1000 i think


the interview was fantastic, everyone was really great and it was definitely a positive experience! dont be nervous, just be yourself! good luck!

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