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  1. My employer is not offering tail either. I have no idea how much extra this will cost me or where to even look for it?
  2. Anyone know of any contacts for a psychiatry rotation in the phx area?
  3. Hi, Some classmates of mine are trying to plan some kind of community project/service trip for the next year. I was wondering if anyone had any contacts or ideas of places we could start looking? Thanks
  4. yes i asked, I am on the east coast and no one at my school has any connections out there!
  5. Hi, I am looking for an OBGYN and an ER rotation somewhere in the bay area within the next year. Does anyone know of anyone I could try contacting?
  6. I am looking for any rotations in the Delaware/maryland area. If anyone has any contacts I would greatly appreciate it!
  7. I have been looking for several months for any kind of clinical rotation anywhere in California. I would like to relocate there after I graduate so I am really interested in making contacts, and doing a rotation out there. If anyone knows of anyone to contact I would greatly appreciate it!
  8. Hi, I am currently in the PA program at FP and I really like it. Although it is a new program is i have been very impressed with everything so far. Our program director comes from both MASS pharm and UNE's program...so she has a lot of experience with running successful PA programs already. A lot of our faculty teaches at all of these schools and we also have a lot of dartmouth faculty as well. This is a really great program and you should check it out! There is an open house april 21..RSVP to it..603 298 6617. Also, FP does have other medical programs such as a doctorate in PT and nursing. They do give preference to NH and VT residents. With that being said, they also accept out of staters as well. I think about a third of us are from out state and have absolutely no affiliation with this area at all (myself included). If you have any questions feel free to ask!
  9. congrats to newly accepted people!!! we have a facebook group....join it! search south university tampa physician assistant program
  10. hi felikuo, my stats were something comparable to this ( im on vacation and cant remember exactly) cum: 3.24? pre req: probably 3.4 gre: 960 ( i did horrible... i was sick...this gives hope to everyone else out there!) shadowing: 100 hours? pt contact: all volunteer, non paid, over 1000 i think the interview was fantastic, everyone was really great and it was definitely a positive experience! dont be nervous, just be yourself! good luck!
  11. hey has anyone gotten anything in the mail yet as far as acceptance letters/financial information yet?? its been almost a month!
  12. I believe there were three people selected from my interview (which was the first) and they interviewed six more last week.
  13. im missing bio2 and am currently taking it! it never hurts to apply :)
  14. Congrats! Im so happy for you! I did interview with you, Im the girl from canada :) Im thinking your the one from Alabama with the little girls? (Im so sorry I forget your name!) Its so nice to know someone now that is going there...I made friends online with a girl who interviewed last week and she was told there were 3 of us accepted from our interview..so I wonder who else got in! Good luck with the move!
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