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Hey everyone,


I'm having a hard time deciding what to enter in the Awards, Honors, and Achievements section. I know that it should only include things from the past 10 years and at the collegiate level or above. Obviously I should include honor societies, president's list and academic scholarships. However, I am not sure what to do about my other achievements and awards such as athletic scholarships, being named to a student athlete recruiting team, sorority leadership position, collegiate pageant awards (Miss America system preliminaries), etc.. They are all things that demonstrate my ability to handle various activities and long hours while maintaining a strong GPA. To list or not to list?


Thanks in advance!

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I didn't list any of my collegiate achievements...scholarships, dean's list, awards, etc.


I did list my position within a student society.


Overall, this profession is all about what you bring to the table medically, not what boxes you can check off in college.  Dean's list and cum laude are nice and all, but these things are medically irrelevant.  If your application is so thin that you are relying on awards to get an interview, then you need to beef up your HCE.


Just my opinion; some see me as a grumpy old fart though.

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