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New grad in cardiology

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Hello everyone,


I am a new graduate heading into cardiology outpatient clinic with hospital rounding. I wanted to know what kind resources/references/books should I read? I heard cardiac consult and cardiology secrets are great books.  I did not do a cardiology rotation, however, I did do a CT surgery rotation as a student. Any advice are greatly appreciated! 



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First question should be what are you going to be responsible for on hospital rounds?  Almost 30 years ago when I joined a group and was responsible for hospital work it was H&P's, DC summaries (boy, can they get long when the pt. essentially moves in for months), consults (IM docs didn't like this on their consulted patients, and looking back I can understand why), and rounding (translation:  note put on chart so docs could just bounce in and out of room).  When in ICU/CCU you HAVE to know your numbers and meds otherwise it's a waste of time.  What's a normal PCWP?  What iso/chronotrops is pt. on and what are the numbers?  IABP settings and numbers.  I never learned about vent settings because there was NO WAY back then they were going to let me within a mile of the device.  Procedure rounds (cath/PTCA w/o stent back then) involved checking groin site next day for bruit (dissection/aneurysm formation) and CK for non-transmural MI.  I had better have noted presence/absence of same on H&P also before procedure (can't believe that folks since never seem to check as per pt. comments, even though they're inserting cath at all sorts of locations now).


If you've got an EP specialist that's a whole other ballgame.  Takes some testes to perform the only procedure that I've been able to come up with where you purposely try to kill the patient (and then hope you can get them back).  AICDs back then were full anterior incisions since base unit was under left hemi-diaphragm and you had to be able to get electrodes up into the chest cavity.  Base unit was about the size of a box of checks.


Comment for new grads.  Remember learning about the PMI on physical exam?  Great, cheap, and easy way to get a rough idea whether you have cardiomegaly on a pt. w/o an ECG/echo/CXR.

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