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Post Bacc Programs for PA School

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Hi guys and gals, I have a question!


I graduated 2013 with a BS in Business. My CGPA is 3.1. Initially, I was a chemistry major so I have about two years worth of sciences done but my grades were not that great. My existing SGPA is 2.7. I plan on retaking all the courses over that I received lower than a B. So my problem is:


For the fall semester, I got into the following programs:


Pre med post bacc at Hofstra University


Non-matriculated program at NYU (applied for post-bacc in the spring)


Non-matriculated program at Hunter (applied for post-bacc in the spring)


Which program will be the best choice? The general public will obviously choose NYU based on its prestige but I will have no perks of the pre-health advisory and I’ve been warned about their “weeding out” courses. Hosftra, although not the best school, I have all the perks that come with a structured post bacc program but I don’t know if it will give me the competitive edge that I will need to separate myself. I’ve heard great things about Hunter but again, I will have no guidance and I am concerned with not impressing the adcoms. Lastly, I don’t want to wait around an entire semester to see if I got into any of the programs in the spring. I just want some feedback. I just don’t know what to do...

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Hi there,


Attend any you see of best fit. Adcoms (as I have observed) do not care [as much] which school you graduated/took postbac courses from except for those who explicitly state "community college courses are not competitive". They care for the grades you received, the quality of your HCE, any volunteerism/humanitarian experiences, and personal/professional goals. I personally would go with the one that offers the most perks; those that deal with student affairs where both matriculated and non-matriculated students are considered equal.


A 4.0 from a state school in philosophy > a 2.9 from Harvard in biology [since you're auto-screened out by GPA].

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Thank you for replying to my post so promptly! I greatly appreciate it.


Do you think it's worth doing a structured post bacc program or will a DIY post bacc suffice? (Assuming I do well in both)


Things such as a committee letters do not matter to PA programs correct?


If you were me, which program would you pursue and why?

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What is important is doing well in the courses, so go to the program that you feel will allow you to be the most successful. In other words, schedules, accessibility to professors, student support, etc. Set yourself up for success.


Keep in mind, many people go to PA school while working, so they are not enrolled in a specific Post-Bacc program, they just take classes whenever and whereever they can fit them in. I took classes at a community college, and two state universities to get to where I am. What is important is that you set yourself up for success and high grades. In my opinion, the brand name isn't as important to most programs as long as it is a quality, rigorous education. 


As for committee letters, I suppose you could submit them as a LOR in CASPA. However, personal letters from people you have worked with directly and can speak to who you are and what you have accomplished might be more useful. I'm not familiar with how a committee letter is structured, so I cannot comment on that. I would focus on finding PAs, MDs, NPs, professors, who can speak to your quality and ability to being successful in a very intense academic program and ultimately as a PA.


All the best!

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@JGNYC I took the remainder of my post-bacc classes at Hunter as a non-degree student. It's pretty straightforward and not difficult to get As. The only problem I have with Hunter is that if you were a non-degree seeking student and not in the post-bacc program (like myself), it could be difficult getting into classes. I ended up getting into all the classes that I needed to, but it was very stressful because I had to keep checking the system and waiting until someone dropped out of the class because of my late registration times. If you have any additional questions, I can try and help.

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