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Diversity Essay

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This supplemental has been stressing me out and I've been putting it off for quite a while. I know the "diversity essay" is common among health professions schools, but I don't know how to adequately address it. Some people talk about their unique hobbies, talents, or experiences but I honestly have none in particular that make me stand out. Then I found this on the program's website: 
Diversity Statement: Rosalind Franklin University of Medicine and Science is committed to increasing the diversity of the university’s enrollments and thereby helping to create a well-trained, diverse health professions workforce committed to working with underserved and disadvantaged populations to reduce health disparities. 
So I tried to play off of that. I finally just sat down and forced myself to write an answer, though I'm not sure if the content is good enough. Please let me know what you think. Much appreciated.  (Note: I omitted some information to help remain anonymous)

Prompt: Optional diversity statement that specifically addresses how, if admitted to our program, your admission would contribute to the diversity of the Rosalind Franklin University Community.


Edit: removed because I submitted.  

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