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  1. I just started using Cerner for my new inpatient job and find it to be the least intuitive EMR system I've encountered thus far. My training was a brief Zoom session where I could barely hear the instructor's voice. Please give me your favorite tips/tricks to navigate the system. I'm trying to "Favorite" as many orders as I go along and build up my dot phrases. Do you have a nifty way of organizing your orders and dot phrases? Is there a public library of dot phrases I can utilize? I found nothing through Google Search.
  2. @PAcandidate7002 Sorry, I no longer have access to my Rosh account.
  3. 15 min away is pretty nice. But you can also always spend your time studying in a library or elsewhere on campus if being at home makes you too crazy. Just make home a place to eat/sleep/shower. ?
  4. My gut reaction is to say go with the cheaper school and save money because (1) if you're taking out loans for school, being in debt sucks in the long-run; (2) the program is only 2 years so unless the faculty seems unorganized or anything other than reasonably normal, I dont think "not connecting" on the initial meeting with them is a huge deal; (3) in the end both programs will make you a PA-C. That being said I sympathize with not wanting to live at home. Personally, living at home almost becomes a toxic environment for me so I was willing to pay rent near my school to save my mental h
  5. Wait am I reading this right? You've been showing up every day for 2 weeks and now he expects you to go see patients on your own... and you're not even hired or getting paid yet??
  6. Alright, given there are 300 questions on the exam, I was curious about my actual number of questions correct so I tried to calculate it based my "% Items Correct". They break the exam topics down by ORGAN SYSTEMS (Cardiovascular, Derm, EENT, etc.) or TASKS (Applying Scientific Concepts, Clinical Intervention, Formulating Most Likely Diagnosis, etc.) If I calculate my # of questions correct based on the ORGAN SYSTEMS topics, it's 225.3/300 questions correct. If I calculate my # of questions correct based on TASKS topics, I got 223.68/300 questions correct. Not sure how accurate
  7. Are you talking about the PANCE score or Rosh score? EDIT: If you're talking about Rosh, I completed all the topics except POPULATION/RESEARCH/ADMIN and PEDIATRICS; barely touched those. I also re-did my flagged questions for a few topics as well. I can't give you a specific number because I actually reset my Rosh account intending to sell it. Haha. If you're talking about PANCE, unfortunately, they don't tell you how many questions you get wrong. They just tell you your raw score and give a "% Items Correct" and your "Decile" for each category,.
  8. Hi, I recently passed. Packrat: 170 (taken ~1 month oops week after end of rotations and ~1 month prior to exam) Rosh: 67% = 603 Projected PANCE Score = 85% probability of passing PANCE Score: 447 (Minimum Passing Score 350)
  9. I just want to say I'm really impressed you were able to remember at least 47 questions coming out of that test. My brain felt fried afterwards. I hope you've heard good news since then!
  10. Hi Lauren, Thank you for your feedback on my essay! Here are my thoughts on yours. I think you are off to a good start. You have an interesting hook, I have a sense of what would make you a good provider (you are attentive and want to ensure your patients’ comfort/happiness throughout their care; and you have experience with teamwork), and I have a sense of why you are attracted to PA (you want to have more authority over a patient’s care and you like the flexibility of the profession). I have a few constructive criticisms: · There were a few sentences that confused me
  11. Edit: working on another draft.
  12. I applied to the Miami Shores campus: 07/16 - CASPA verified 08/14 - "application is being processed" email 09/24 - interview invite email 10/16 - interview scheduled 10/21 - "waitlisted" email
  13. Yeah, that's what was happening to me. I guess it's a thing that happens to people randomly but temporarily? I never called them; it was gone by the time I checked again ~10 hours later. Edit: the thing is after it seemed fixed, I had to re-enter things that weren't there before the glitch. :/
  14. Thanks for your reply, Booker. I checked this morning and the glitch is gone. Whew.
  15. Is anyone else having issues with CASPA where you have entered in all necessary information and documents for a program (i.e. completed all ""Documents", "Prerequisites", and "Questions" tabs), but it doesn't indicate that your program is "Ready to Submit" ?? I know that I have completed the required information because it USED to say "Ready to Submit", but now it doesn't anymore. Also, I can literally see all my items saved and completed for those tabs. This is quite frustrating because I want to submit, but now I can't. I hope this is a temporary glitch that is fixed soon.
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