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Found 12 results

  1. I have the option of working 36 hours a week so can do four 9s and have a day off but lose some percentage of pay. I am thinking of doing that and trying out a different job PRN or doing some remote work. Any suggestions? I have looked into medical record review but cannot find a remote position for PAs in Ohio to do that. Thanks!
  2. Does anyone know what they are looking for with this question (I assume just additional information about ourselves). Is it better to go with an outlandish answer like magician or a normal one?
  3. This supplemental has been stressing me out and I've been putting it off for quite a while. I know the "diversity essay" is common among health professions schools, but I don't know how to adequately address it. Some people talk about their unique hobbies, talents, or experiences but I honestly have none in particular that make me stand out. Then I found this on the program's website: Diversity Statement: Rosalind Franklin University of Medicine and Science is committed to increasing the diversity of the university’s enrollments and thereby helping to create a well-trained, diverse health professions workforce committed to working with underserved and disadvantaged populations to reduce health disparities. So I tried to play off of that. I finally just sat down and forced myself to write an answer, though I'm not sure if the content is good enough. Please let me know what you think. Much appreciated. (Note: I omitted some information to help remain anonymous) ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Prompt: Optional diversity statement that specifically addresses how, if admitted to our program, your admission would contribute to the diversity of the Rosalind Franklin University Community. Edit: removed because I submitted.
  4. Hey guys, If I'm reapplying to a program that I was previously interviewed/ waitlisted at the previous cycle, should I mention that in my supplemental essay? I'm trying to figure out if I want to mention that I was previously waitlisted in my essay or if I should just expect they'll know that when they receive my application... i.e. I'm trying to figure out what to write that may convince them to accept me this time :) All opinions/ responses are appreciated!
  5. So the more I read this, the more I start to doubt myself. Did I answer the prompt? Describe an occasion from one of your hands-on patient care experiences which you felt was particularly eye-opening. What did you learn from your experience? How has it helped shape your interest in or knowledge of the profession of Physician Assistants? (Limit: 500 words or less) One Thanksgiving night, when our hospital census was low, I was floated down to the ED where they did not have a technician. I was anxious because I had never worked in the ED as a technician. After a few hours of getting to know my surroundings, a call came through about a woman that was found unresponsive in her bathroom. The team and I set up the trauma bay in preparation. Unfortunately, there was a loss of communication and we were unaware that the woman was nine months pregnant until EMS arrived. Heart pounding, I assisted the staff in hooking the patient up to the monitors while working around the paramedics performing CPR. Once the trauma team took over, I stepped aside and waited in case they needed anything. Although the team worked seamlessly for what seemed like hours, they determined the mother was unable to be revived. The pediatric trauma team had not yet arrived and we knew there was little time to deliver the infant. A man started preparing for a C-Section, calling on me for supplies and instructing others on what to do. Not long after he began to cut, the pediatric team arrived and was able to take over and successfully deliver the baby. I later found out that this man was a physician assistant that had worked in labor and delivery for seven years prior to working in the ED. This was an exhilarating learning experience for me. I learned that although I was nervous, I was able to work under pressure. Not only this, but I was able to quickly adapt to a new environment and efficiently work with an unfamiliar group. Most importantly, I learned that I enjoyed every second of it. This experience also shaped my interest and understanding of the PA profession. I saw the support this profession provides in a team. This PA both followed and led the group in the trauma bay, adjusting to the role that was most needed. I also saw the versatility PAs have in medicine. He, having a previous background in the delivery room, saved that baby’s life. Later, I saw this PA go back to caring for a patient that had come in for a sprained ankle. For me, this was most important. He gave each patient his undivided attention, no matter how relatively trivial their complaint. I was reluctant to go to the ED that night. Looking back, I am happy I went. This was definitely eye-opening; I learned a lot about myself. I also formed a deeper understanding and respect for the PA profession.
  6. Hey everyone, I was an idiot and focused on the essay portion of the supplemental and didn't bother to look at the grade entry until now. I've already sent out an e-mail, but I know they take a while to e-mail back, so I was hoping someone else here has been in the same situation and can help me out. Essentially, I went to a quarter system school, where almost all classes were 4 units/quarter. Penn requires that prerequisites be satisfied with 5-6 quarter units, and since I have an abundance of classes that fit their prereqs I figured I'd be fine listing two classes to fit that number. Come to find out that they only give me space to list one class. Does anyone know of the specific way that they want us to handle quarter system classes?
  7. "List all physician assistant programs and medical or health science programs to which you are applying this year." So I'm applying to ~20 programs this cycle because I'm afraid my low GPA will limit my options. I feel like if programs know this about me, it will hurt my chances because they wouldn't think I'm committed their program or something. (ironically, this program in particular is my top choice). This question is optional to answer, but if I leave it blank, would it still hurt my application? Because then they would just already assume that I'm applying to a lot of programs and on top of that I'm being kind of shady about it. I guess it's kind of like leaving out your GPA on a resume if you have a low GPA, therefore implying that you have a low GPA. Hah! Thoughts?
  8. There are more than 190 PA programs in the United States. Please describe why you want to attend our program? The class size of this PA program is larger than average, from what I understand. What do you think about explaining the fact that I'm attracted to the large class size? I know that a large class size is usually conveyed as a negative because you get less attention from the professor. But I came from a large, public university and I liked that it gave me more people to collaborate and share ideas with. I think this would be especially helpful in a PA program. Anyway, is this a reasonable answer? Of course, this would just be one of multiple reasons I mention.
  9. Hi, I'm a current student from UT Southwestern's PA program. I wrote these blog posts a few months ago, but they are very much relevant. I'd suggest reading over them if you're unsure about your essay and need some direction. I also have blog posts about the interview (with tips!), so check out the rest of my posts as well. Learn all you can before your interviews! Good luck future PAs! PA Narrative Tips: http://doseofpa.blogspot.com/2014/02/caspa-personal-narrative-tips.html Supplemental App Tips: http://doseofpa.blogspot.com/2014/03/supplemental-applications-and-physician.html Paul
  10. Hi all, I was wondering about what your opinions would be on how personal topics for supplemental essays should be. I have a supplemental app that is asking for a stressful experience essay in which we are to "describe a stressful or difficult personal experience and the resolution of the experience". My boyfriend is currently deployed overseas, and has been for the past 8 months. For me, this is the most stressful experience I have gone through in my young life. It has taught me many things. However, I realize this is a very personal experience, and perhaps the school is looking for me to go in a more professional or educational direction with it. For example, a difficult job I've had, or maybe a challenging class. Any thoughts? Anyone who has been accepted or is part of an admissions committee have an opinion? Thanks for any help in advance!
  11. Hi guys, Quick question...just need advice on who to choose for my 3rd LOR (both have agreed to writing one). Currently I have a PA that I shadow, and my supervisor (a Physical Therapist) both writing one. Here are my options: 1. My community college anatomy professor from about 1.5 years ago. She remembers me and offered to write one, but we have had little contact since. However, she could speak to my work ethic and ability to work as a team. I took a role in the class of really helping out the other students who sat at my table in lab. Her letter might be a good idea considering my transcript from years ago is not very strong due to just being an unmotivated teenager just out of high school. I just don't know how personal she can really get. 2. Another PT who is a close coworker. I work with her patients on a daily basis, and we are close. She would have no problem writing a really detailed, great letter. However, I already have a PT (my boss) writing one, and they might focus on similar qualities. I'm leaning toward my professor, but wanted to get opinions. Thanks a bunch!
  12. Hello all. I am filling out a supplemental application for Pacific University today and it asks if you are applying to other programs and wants you to list them. Does anyone know what they are looking for when they ask this?
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