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I am applying this round and it's actually my first time. I am worried about my application and if there are any schools you folks think I should look into,please let me know, I'd be so appreciative!

So I had a prior degree and career, when I first switched I worked full time and took courses at northwestern university in which I got a C in Chemistry and Physics (bad I know!) Then I also got a C in Organic Chemistry. Additionally, I have taken Cell biology, human A&P 1&2, bio 1&2, microbio, genetics, med term and did well in all of those courses. I have experience as a CNA and I did dental assisting, I shadow, and I have a solid GPA from undergrad (3.6) with honors. I'll list all the schools I applied to below, but it is important for me to get into PA school this cycle so if I am missing some schools to apply, please let me know! Thanks so much in advance and best of luck to everyone!


Applied to:

All 4 Nova Southeastern Schools

Barry (Miami shores)

Midwestern (Downer's Grove)

Rosalind Franklin


Touro (Cali)

MCPHS (Manchester)



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Thank you so much for your replies! I appreciate it.


My undergraduate gpa was 3.6 with honors and my major was Economics with a minor in Art History

I switched to healthcare and unfortunately worked full time and took science courses in the beginning which got me C's. 


This is a list of the courses I took and in the order I took them in:


General Chemistry C

Physics C

Orgo Chem C

Cell Biology B

General Biology A

Human Anatomy and Physiology I & II B

Genetics A

Medical Terminology A

Microbiology B

Biochemistry A



Just wondering what schools I should not forget to apply to! Thanks again! 

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Here is my input on your application. You have a strong undergraduate Cumulative GPA. However make sure that 3.6 GPA is a what CASPA would calculate it as. In other words all courses including the ones you didn't do well in and retook are included. I have seen many people on this forum think their transcript GPA is going to be the same as their CASPA GPA which is not the case since CASPA does not recognize grade forgiveness. 


Also do you know what your science GPA is? Most schools have a 3.0 science GPA minimum. Based on the C's you got in chemistry, organic chemistry, and physics your science GPA might be on the lower side. If I were you I would list every science course you took and calculate your science GPA. Also make sure you have great quality/hours of health care experience. 


I am from Minnesota, so I know that Augsburg's average accepted class is 3.5 cumulative GPA and 3.5 science and 1500 health care experience.  I also recommend shadowing a PA if you can as all schools including Augsburg value that! 



Hope this helps! 


- Kate 


About the class retakes - this is something I've been a bit confused about (and yes, I have read the CASPA FAQ page but it's not as clear as I'd like). I understand that CASPA does not do grade replacement but I'm wondering what exactly happens. Which one of these situations is correct? 


Scenario 1: Let's say you took gen chem and got a C. Then when you retook it and you got an A. Now you have 4 credits of a C and 4 credits of an A both counting toward your GPA.




Scenario 2: Gen chem original grade C, retake is an A. Now they average that and give you 4 credits of a B toward your GPA.


I'd love any clarification from anybody. Thank you so much!

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