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Hello everyone! 


So I'm having a bit of a dilemma. In my freshman year I took Biology along with lab. Unfortunately due to sleeping problems and poor time management I ended up with a D in lecture my 1st semester and with a C my second semester. However, for the lab component I remember I did just fine and either received A's or B's. 


I am now a senior and definitely going to retake Biology lecture. The problem is that at my school, when I took biology my freshman year the lab component contributed 20% to the total biology lecture grade. It was not listed as a separate grade on my transcript. Recently this has changed at my school and the lab now counts as a separate component, but I do not think the staff are willing to help me out in my situation. I was told that I might want to retake the lecture AND lab component since most schools may assume I received a D and C in the lab component as well. I was also told that I ought to contact PA schools about this. However, there is a chance for me to go back to my old biology professors, who have my lab component grade somewhere in their system. 


I really would like to avoid retaking the 3hr biology lab component (especially since I did fine in lab during my first year), as I remember it was one of the most time-consuming courses at my school. Because of my sleeping problems, time management, and serious family situations that came up my freshman and sophomore year, I am now taking a serious courseload for my senior year in order to play catch-up with my GPA. I'm worried that if I sign up for the lab component, I have a strong feeling that my grades in other classes will take the hit.


Do you guys think I should retake the biology lab component? If I can get evidence/proof of my lab component grade from my professors and a statement from them, do you think it would be possible to send this to PA schools even though it's not on an official transcript? I have taken Microbiology Lab and received an A+ in it if that helps any... I would also inquire PA schools about this, but I'm not sure how to...Do you just send the school an email? I am very new to this and not really sure how this works in terms of inquiring PA schools about information...


Thanks in advance for the help, it's much appreciated!

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Personally, I'd retake both lecture and lab but that's mostly because I prefer not to have any grade lower than a B in any science courses (my program requires at least B-).


Call the PA program that you're inquiring about. Email would prob work too, but you definitely can't go wrong by calling and you're guaranteed an answer much faster than waiting on an email response. Hope this helps,


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