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  1. Hi, thank you to every one who dropped by to help! Below are the science courses I took in order, with grades: general biology I (C- first time, A second time), general biology II (B-) **general chemistry I (C+), general chemistry II (C) --- both with labs general physiology (B) biochemistry (B) organic chem I (B-), organic chem II (B-) genetics (B-) microbiology (A) human anatomy (A) endocrinology (A) Planning on taking: immunology, human physiology, developmental biology, medical terminology OR primate anatomy I'm currently a sec
  2. Hi guys. I'm an incoming undergraduate senior at a SUNY. I had a very rough start freshman year and ended up with low GPA. As I just finished my junior year, I currently have a 3.24 GPA and a 2.9 science GPA (if I calculated correctly). This is mainly due to getting a C and C+ in general chem I and II and B- in both orgo I and II. After speaking to my advisors, I've decided to not retake those courses and instead focus on doing well in high level science courses. However, I believe that I will need to do more to stand out among the other bright students who will be applying to PA schools. I a
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