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Opinions on whether I should retake General Chemistry I and II

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Hi, thank you to every one who dropped by to help! Below are the science courses I took in order, with grades:

general biology I (C- first time, A second time), general biology II (B-)

**general chemistry I (C+), general chemistry II (C) --- both with labs

general physiology (B)

biochemistry (B)

organic chem I (B-), organic chem II (B-)

genetics (B-)

microbiology (A)

human anatomy (A)

endocrinology (A)


Planning on taking: immunology, human physiology, developmental biology, medical terminology OR primate anatomy 

I'm currently a second term senior at a university, and I graduate Spring 2021. Many people advise students to not retake basic courses and focus on upper level courses, but there are also many people who suggest to retake any basic course with C grades to show PA schools that the first grades I received do not define my capability.

Any opinion on whether I should spend extra time to retake general chemistry I and II ? If I should retake them, then should I enroll in the labs again or that won't be necessary since I already took them the first time I took the courses?


Thank you again for your time!




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So, I would look into the schools you are interested in that have cutoffs for gen chem. I know its a C at most schools, but some PA programs look heavily on the chem courses. Some schools I applied to for example, let me sub in Orgo instead of gen chem, and gen chem wasn't factored into my Program pre-req GPA, but in the overall caspa and science GPA.

I think you should take the upper level classes first (multiple of them) and see how you do, if you end up with high B+/A I would try and shoot my shot at applying. If you do not get in the first cycle, first thing to do to improve academically is retake gen chem. As for retaking the lab, if the class and the lab were separate (3 credits for class 1 for lab) and you got a grade in each, don't retake the lab. But if its 4 credits for both with one grade for both retake them both.

Also, it is advantageous to you to retake gen chem (if you choose to) at another university other than where you originally took it, as the new grades will replace the old ones as a prerequisite when the program looks at it. Both will be averaged into your overall CASPA gpa and science GPA, but the pre-req GPA for each program will only accept the higher grade if you report it that way. For example, if you got a C+ in gen chem originally at ABC university, retook it again at  XYZ university and got an A-, you can report the A- as the grade for the schools pre-req, and that is what they will see initially. 

Sorry if this was confusing! Best of luck to you! You can also message me with any questions!! I am currently in my second semester of PA school 🙂.

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I would retake them. General chemistry is pretty much a prereq for all the PA programs in the country, meaning a lot of classes in Pa programs build upon general chemistry. Showing that you retook them and got an A shows your serious about re-learning material and can pass classes in PA school with As 

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