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New Grad Urgent care in IL

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Hey all had a promising initial interview with an urgent care company where they mentioned the following:


13 12hr shifts per month with every other weekend required 9am-9pm. 3 "on-call" days per month in case of emergency. I get to "block out" 5-6 days per month where they cannot schedule me. 

80,000 base pay. Any extra or emergency shifts would be paid a flat rate of $550 per shift. 

They offer full medical, dental, and vision. They cover all insurance with tail coverage. 

They pay for licensing fees and re-certifications. 

2,500 for CME

They do not offer any PTO. 

And the kicker is the thing I am wondering about is the following:

So the interviewer was saying that specifically their PA's have been meeting and surpassing expectations across the board, which isn't surprising haha. But that they have started transitioning some of their clinics to being PA ran with the supervising physician being at the clinic across town. They were fairly adament about the clinic being primarily for simple things like URI's, ENT problems, some ortho, DOT physicals, and lac repairs. The clinic has lab and radiology on premises. Once orientation was over, they would want me to work at one of the clinics that is PA ran. For this they would pay an additional $10 an hour. This would bring the base salary to $98,700. Does this sound reasonable? They were pretty clear that they normally do not hire new grads but that I would be different because I have almost 4 years experience pre-PA school working in the ED as an EMT. Let me know what you all think. I appreciate it.

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Sorry to be harsh, but this is a pretty dreadful offer.  No PTO?  That's an absolute deal-breaker.  And although I'm not familiar with pay for PAs in Illinois, the pay is very low as well.  In that type of setting you should be making at least 120k+.  My first year as a PA doing urgent care in Texas, I made 135k. 

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