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  1. It's UNT Health Science Center but the medical school is still referred to as TCOM and is listed as such on their home page. I actually graduated from the PA school at UNTHSC in 2013.
  2. Absolutely! There were many reasons why I felt TCOM was the right choice for me and my family.
  3. I'm going to attend Texas College of Osteopathic Medicine in Fort Worth (where I currently live). Turned down my LECOM seat after all.
  4. The 6 "primary care" students have to do either FM, IM, Peds, or OB. The 6 "undeclared" can do anything they want.
  5. They actually finally got back to me. They said out of the 12 students that graduated the APAP program last year, they had students match into EM, Anesthesiology, FM, Ortho, Dermatology, Internal Medicine, General Surgery and Radiology. Quite an impressive list actually!
  6. Ya, I'm debating on whether to accept this seat vs. staying in Texas and attending a 4 year program instead. But I agree, it's kind of ridiculous that it's so hard to find anything out from them.
  7. Any former/current Lecom students on here that know what specialties the last few classes of "undeclared" APAP graduates have matched to? I can't find this info anywhere and haven't had any luck when reaching out directly to the school. The admissions office was only able to provide the hospitals they matched to but not the specialty. I've also called Dr. Kauffman several times and have been unable to reach him. Thanks for the help!
  8. UTRGV said during my interview that they will give at least 15-20% scholarships to all accepted students which brings tuition down to about 14k annually for 4 years. No other schools have said anything else about financial help (free money). I'm hoping that if I go to one of the Texas schools I'll be able to pay cash for tuition for all 4 years just from savings and possibly selling my house. I'm also fortunate that my wife is a PA and will work full-time while I'm in school so we can avoid taking out any significant loans.
  9. So far only 1 interview at an MD school (UT Rio Grande Valley). I should hear from them in the next month on an admissions decision. The rest have all been DO schools. I'm leaning towards going to TCOM (arguably best DO school) or UTRGV. I'll probably suck it up and do the extra year as staying in Texas near family and friends is huge for me and my wife. Also, the tuition over 4 years still cheaper than LECOM's 3-year bridge program. I'm just thankful I have any choices at all.
  10. You do not need hours "shadowing" a physician as we are PAs who work alongside them everyday. That makes no sense. I'm a current PA accepted to several medical schools this year, including LECOM.
  11. Found out yesterday I’ve been accepted to LECOM’s bridge program and was granted an undeclared seat : ) (meaning I can specialize if I choose to do so). I’ve also been accepted to a few other DO medical schools and have 2 more Texas medical school interviews within the next 2 weeks ( TCOM and UTRGV). Tough choices ahead! But for those of you whose heart is set on medical school, it can be done and I’m proof of it. Don’t give up if that’s your dream as well!
  12. I definitely get what you are saying and I felt the same way as I went through PA school, but man that would be a tough decision to just up and leave without graduating. I think that could be bad in several ways. One, I think medical schools would look negatively upon that as you are going to be viewed as a "quitter" in some eyes. I think finishing PA school strong and showing you have what it takes can only enhance your chances of medical school matriculation. In some ADCOM's eyes, why would they believe that you wouldn't quit medical school if they let you in? Also, I don't think it is a bad idea to finish it, work for a couple years while studying for the MCAT and getting everything in order to apply and get some life experience. That way you can make sure this is something that you really want to do, get paid a good living, and significantly boost your resume for medical school. This is just my two cents...
  13. I didn't get any feedback on why I didn't get an interview last year. I applied later last year (late August) compared to early June this year. My SAT wasn't awful though (1190) so I doubt it was that, but I didn't have an MCAT score. It was probably a combination of my GPA (3.4 cumulative) plus a less than stellar PANCE score (494). I think I was able to get an interview this year due to my MCAT score (about 70th percentile) plus applying much earlier in the cycle. I haven't committed to the primary care track and I'm not sure when that actually happens. I emailed them my interests, which include emergency medicine, so I think I'm still in the running for one of their 6 specialty slots. I interview July 20th so hopefully I'll find out more about that.
  14. Just an update...I got silent rejected last year applying to the bridge program. Went back to the drawing board and took the MCAT in April. Reapplied to medical schools in Texas and LECOM's bridge program again and applied much earlier this time. Just received an interview invite to LECOM today : ) Hope it works out this time around!
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