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  1. Same thing happened to me 1 year ago as a new grad. Took the new job and don't regret it one bit. I basically had the same post last year.
  2. Thanks for the replies. I currently get 21 days PTO that are not differentiated. I get 5 days CME and $1,500 CME money. My current company contributes 40 cents for every dollar I put in up to 6% of my salary. One unique thing is that my current company provides me with a pension that is fully vested after 5 years. Malpractice is fully covered and health insurance is about $120 per month. The new company gives me 4 weeks vacation and 2 weeks sick time. I would get 1 week CME with $1,000 of CME money. They would contribute $1.20 for every dollar that I contribute up to 7%. My malpractice would still be fully covered and my health insurance would be about half at $60 dollars per month.
  3. Hello, I was hired as a new grad 1 year ago to work in the fast track area of the ED and as a provider in triage. I have been seeing fast track patients without physician oversight for about the past 6 months. Over the course of the year I have started to see main ED patients in the fast track with physician oversight. When I was hired one year ago it was the first time that this ED had any PA's working in the ED. Because of that, my scope was fairly narrow as they did not know how knowledgable PA's were and how well that we worked along with me being a new grad. When I was hired as a new grad the contract was for 93,600 a year which comes out to 45 dollars an hour. I work four 10 hour shifts per week. After I hit my 1 year mark I applied to a few jobs. I recently recieved an offer from another ED for $54 dollars an hour with a $2,500-3,000 guarenteed quaterly bonus. I would be working at a base of 140 hours per month with the oppurtunity to pick up extra shifts if I want. The job would integrate me more so in the main ED rather then just the fast track. This ED has a large amount of PA's working there. The PA's there are very well established. The ED enviroment there seems to have a great environment for learning as a PA with monthly meetings driven towards PA's education on various topics. It sounds like a great place to work and learn. I accepted the offer. I just sent my letter of resignation about a week ago giving my current job 90 days notice. After submitting my resignation, my current boss says he would do everything in his power to keep me at my current job. He says that they would transition me to working strickly in the main ED with no fast track shifts. He also offered me $65 dollars per hour to stay. He is making it very difficult for me to leave with an offer like that. Some of the problems that have come up is that I have only been working here one year and I am the longest tenured PA so I dont quite have the oppurtunity to work with and learn from other established PA's. The new job would also been about 15 minutes closer of a commute. Thoughts on the above scenario? Anything in particular I should be thinking about when making this decision? Thanks in advance.
  4. If I believe that its strep, I go with VK. I use the center criteria a decent amount of the time. If I am what so ever suspicious of mono I go with Clinda to avoid the rash. Last month I had a 6 year old girl who was positive for Mono and strep and I went with Clinda. Some of my patients are ok with getting a one time dose of IM PCN due to it being one time which they prefer. I also use a fair amount of IM dexamethasone based on clinical presentation to help with their discomfort.
  5. My second week working in fast track after taking the PANCE. 45 year old morbidly obese female who smokes and is on OCP's presents to triage. She speaks very broken english presents with "knee pain" with no history of trauma. Triage nurse quickly writes down the first thing that she can understand from the patient....."Pain in the back of my knee" and she orders a knee x-ray from triage. But she but did not wait to hear the rest of the pts' sentence...."that goes down my calf. It started on my flight back from Mexico."
  6. How long do you think is an appropriate time before no on site mentor? I have been offered a job where I would train with a MD and PA for quite awhile before they would like me to transition to a site that does not have a MD on site. The supervising MD would be at a clinic a few miles away and they could be reached by phone. They also said that the supervising MD would make a daily site visit to discuss things about 1-2 hours out of the 12 hour shift. With them wanting this after a few months of training I am less apprehensive along with the daily site visits from the supervising MD. Thanks
  7. My question is for paadmissions. I am a second year PA student who will graduate in the next few months. I am starting to apply for jobs and also the PANCE. In 2009 I was arrested for a DUI and went through all of the classes and paid all of the fines to avoid having a conviction on my record. That was/is the only time I have had a run in with the law. Since then I had numerous background checks for Jobs and also PA school. None of them have come back with questions or stating that I would not be allowed to work there/go to school there. While registering to take the PANCE there were 3 background questions I had to fill out. The questions are: 1. During the period between November 17, 2002 and today's date, have you been denied a license, or has any state board or other governmental agency taken any disciplinary action (as described above) against your license to practice as a Physician Assistant or as any other health-care provider? 2. During the period between November 17, 2002 and today's date, have you been convicted of, or entered a plea of guilty, nolo contendere, or no contest to, a crime in any jurisdiction (including under the Uniform Code of Military Justice and/or any international jurisdiction) other than a minor traffic offense? Include all misdemeanors and felonies, even if the court withheld adjudication so that you would not have a record of conviction. Any convictions for driving under the influence or while impaired should be reported here. 3. During the period between November 17, 2002 and today's date, have you been adjudicated as mentally incompetent by a court or other government entity? My question lies with the 2nd question. I do not have a conviction for driving under the influence. Most importantly, before these questions, this was written: "Have you been the subject of any of the following actions that you have not already reported to NCCPA? ( Do not include any actions that were resolved before your entry into your PA educational program or previously reported to NCCPA.)" Does this mean I do not have to respond with yes? Since it was resolved a few years prior to being accepted to PA school? I am trying to figure this out before submitting my application because I want to be truthful but at the same time I would also like to avoid a investigation into my record if there does not need to be.
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