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What are my chances? Please answer

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Hey everyone I'm really worried about getting accepted this cycle and was hoping for some honest feedback!


B.S in Biology August 2014

cGPA= 3.47

Science GPA=3.58


I have 2 Ws, and two bad semesters (2.7 and 2.6) the 2.7 was my first semester and the 2.6 was because I only took 11 credits this semester and 6 of those credits was for a calc class that I got a C in due to the awful final. My credit load varied, a couple of semesters I've done 19 credits while others were 12 or 13 credits. One semester was only 10 credits cause I dropped a class. Did well when I took the class again though. I did best in the semesters where I took 19 credits. My lowest grade is a C and I only have 2 of those. One was during my first semester in a photography class because clearly I didn't take college serious yet. The second was that 6 credit calc class that I mentioned


A.S in American Sign Language Interpretation July 2016

Community college AFTER I graduated w my B.S degree for reasons that I'm talking about in my personal statement...basically I want to combine being a PA and an Interpreter for my Deaf patients


Direct Patient Care Experience

Patient Care Associate at a hospital= this includes drawing blood, taking EKGs, and CNA duties so it's basically a combination of an MA and a CNA

Approximately 700 hours


Dental Assistant

2 years


Medical Brigade in Nicaragua

1 week (not sure how many hours yet because I'm going in May)


Healthcare shadowing=

Medical Brigade volunteer in Nicargua ...shadow MDs & PAs

shadowed NP in OBGYN ...120 hours


Related Healthcare experience=

Public Health Brigade volunteer in Nicaragua



1 semester for diabetes

1 year for ecology/ microbiology w bats


Community Service=

Fundraising for medicine for the medical brigade

Bone marrow drive (1 day)

Sign language interpreting internship

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Good application in my eyes. I have 2 W's as well so don't let that hinder your confidence. I think the neurotic pre-meds I went to school with set the doom and gloom mentality for those. Sh*t happens. Regardless, your app looks great! Maybe try and break the 1000 hours of patient care experience to help you out!  I'm not sure if all schools view Dental Assistant as direct care (which they should) but regardless. Also, I had a friend of mine tell me she got to do "so much" on her medical mission trip. Which to me was a negative thing because if you have no license then you have no scope and should be observing. If someone wants to input on that then it would bolster what I'm trying to say. 

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Thank you so much for answering! If my Dental Assistant experience counts then I will have over 1,000 hours. I know some schools that I'm applying to said that it does but I don't know about the others, I hope they accept it. I heard the same situation about some of the medical missionary trips but I don't think that will be the case for mine. Also do you think my lack of community service will affect my application?

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GRE? GPA not bad even with Ws. You probably have a lot of science hours. That's good. Try to apply to schools that will assume that you are continuing your healthcare experience until school starts. Write a great PS and you should be fine.



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Your application looks otherwise great to me. Your HCE is great, including your volunteer work. Your GPA is competitive despite the early semesters. Make sure to talk about your upward GPA trend in your personal statement.  I had 1 W on my transcript, but was not asked about that at any of my interviews. I was able to talk about my upward trending GPA at my interviews and how I changed my study habits and gained time management skills. I believe that helped me get accepted.


I know that some schools don't count dental assisting (which I don't really understand because you did get direct patient contact with that). Apply to schools that count dental assisting (call and ask if you have to), and schools with a lower HCE requirement. Many schools ask for 500+ hours, so you could apply to those. 

Also, I'm really excited for you that you are doing a sign language degree! I think that's awesome and I think the schools you will apply to will feel the same. 

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