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  1. I had a great interview with a group of physicians and 1 PA for a family practice setting. They are all really welcoming and seem like they are all willing to help me learn. I had a bad experience previously with an UC job so I'm going to make sure this sounds right before I sign anything. I'm located in a very low COL area. Family practice 32 hours direct patient contact/week, 40 hours total Start with ~8 patients/day, inc slowly from there to up to 20 pts/day Salary: $96,000 base + coverage bonus (hours worked beyond regular schedule), annual bonus program, and incentive
  2. I have a group policy and they are making me pay for my tail. It is very confusing and I wish my school would have prepared us for this.
  3. Thank you for your reassurance. I agree that it is suboptimal.
  4. Thank you for assuring that I'm not overreacting. Yes, it is just one internal med doc and I. I am unable to ask any questions and there is no feedback on how I am doing as we are zooming from room to room. I am disappointed with my school. This is my last rotation and I was interested in inpatient internal med, which is very much different than outpatient internal med.
  5. My internal med rotation has a patient volume around 45 patients per 8 hour shift. This includes new patients, annual exams, etc. As a student, I'm bound to miss something in the 10 minutes I have with the patient. Anybody do a similar patient volume? This is more than I saw in the ED, for sure. These are not URI patients. These are diabetics with complications, patients with brain tumors, cirrhosis with ascites, COPD, CHF, etc. patients.
  6. Not unreasonable at all! When I was a scribe, my interview consisted of a test of how fast/accurate I could type a fake patient scenario. I was also quizzed on medical terminology. Make sure that the individual is able to multitask well and is willing to ask questions/clarify when necessary rather than just guessing.
  7. I liked the Essential Anatomy app for anatomy. It's 3D and you can remove layers. If you have a touch screen it's even better!
  8. Unless your personal statement is subpar, you should get interview invites this time! Good luck! I'm not so sure I would retake the GRE if I were you, considering your GPA and HCE are competitive. If you aren't getting interview invites this round, I'd definitely look into changing your personal statement and possibly getting different LORs
  9. Your application looks otherwise great to me. Your HCE is great, including your volunteer work. Your GPA is competitive despite the early semesters. Make sure to talk about your upward GPA trend in your personal statement. I had 1 W on my transcript, but was not asked about that at any of my interviews. I was able to talk about my upward trending GPA at my interviews and how I changed my study habits and gained time management skills. I believe that helped me get accepted. I know that some schools don't count dental assisting (which I don't really understand because you did get direct pat
  10. I think the improvement in your GPA will be viewed as a positive by schools! It takes a lot to raise a GPA from below a 3 to a 3.19-3.22. Be sure to add what you did to increase your grades to your personal statement! Also, your 4 years of EMT experience should help majorly! Good luck!
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