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  1. horrible offers. Don't take anything less than $100k in ANY specialty your first year out of school. I had recruiters laugh at me since i was a new grad. I even rejected an offer after firing back what i wanted and the employer stating it can't be done, then i get a response of a higher value than i even asked form .I STILL think i should get paid more, but at the end being a PA, you never will get what your worth. Just a fact you have to deal with. Be patient. Enjoy the crappy prospects.
  2. Never heard of this either. I've been in the process (new grad) getting credentialed at 8-9 hospitals for a private surgical practice and all those questions are part of a form I filled out along with supporting documents in order to get credentialed. No interview whatsoever.
  3. Waiting for the day to exit the PA field and venture off into the finance world. Overall, just not worth it imo in the long-term..
  4. I finalized a contract for NeuroSpine and I'm seeking advice in regards to recommended texts, what to expect when on hospital call (which I'm sharing with doc), and topics to brush up on? The main focus is spine surgery. It will be 2 days clinic & 3 days OR roughly. Any tips or advice is greatly appreciated! Regards, Torshi
  5. No no, the position has part time only availability currently, not full time as of now. So, I'm willing to work part-time until a full-time position opens up at one of their facilities.
  6. *New Grad* Currently have a full-time contract offer for a surgical position (fair pay/high call schedule/below fair bennies), the physician just made the changes I asked for that he would budge on. That's not the issue My question is - If deciding to work part time w/ a different opportunity with the intention to transition to full-time work after a month or so. What kind of agreement is typically agreed upon? With part-time work - you still should get your malpractice covered, no benefits, etc correct? I'm curious how I go about the process with this part-time option. I have
  7. Thanks Loliz - I have a contract with DEA, Pre-licensing/Licensing, and Credentialing reimbursements stated verbatim so I recoup my costs.
  8. Thanks all. I don't have a P.O. box anymore. I'll just use Home address then switch it immediately before I start working when I sign a contract.
  9. Simple question. Do we need a job or practice location in order/before we apply for a DEA license or NPI provider number? I haven't received a job offer yet and I'm wanting to get my DEA beforehand rather than to wait until I'm hired. Of course I'm going to ask for reimbursement, but is this possible? P.S. I have my state medical license to practice. Thank you!
  10. Also does anyone have the most recent AAPA salary report - 2016? I don't have any recent data to counter with - been negotiating based on general consensus and how much I think I'm worth of course.
  11. I have a contract for neurosurg/spine and I've been going back & forth with negotiations. I'm curious if anyone is willing to give it a look to see if I'm on the right page in terms of what I'm asking for. I'm pretty set on not backing down for what I want. Overall, I don't think it's fair in many respects, but again, I've been asking for more in every category. Let me know so I can communicate via message. Thank you!
  12. So, considering the credentialing process can cost $$ for the application fees - should the employer you're working with (solo provider in my case) pay for my fees during entire process, I don't think I can cough up the costs up front. I'm still waiting on contract/offer letter to sign. Thus far, just informal agreement with acceptance. I don't plan on going through this process without signing something first - logical step right?
  13. Where can I find more information on salaries etc, if there is none besides anecdotal than it's okay. Appreciate the posts above. It's just that I can't state my offer and state it's because other PA's working in a similar field make this much etc. Just no legitimate basis. AAPA salary report sucks and completely undervalues PA's even for new grads in my opinion. I have yet to receive the formal contract offer for this Spine/Neurosurg gig, but I informally accepted the position awaiting further contract details. I'm expecting negotiations for sure. I'd just like to have some basis for what I
  14. Okay, thanks for some insight. I'll PM if I have specific questions. Current offering I was seeing 90-95k base with *quarterly bonuses + call pay etc - have interview set up for more specifics later.
  15. Interview coming up in Texas. I'm curious if anyone knows what the going rates are for NEW GRADS. I was looking at a year old AAPA salary report, not much info on Neurosurg - specifically spine either. Much would be appreciated.
  16. crap offer. just slaving a away for non-professional undergraduate major wage. 10 mile non-compete = never take a non-compete clause. ever. tell them to go screw themselves. they love shooting offers like that cause new grad PA's who have no confidence willing to take it
  17. tired of all the PA's out there taking crap pay and ruining it for others. Grow some balls and learn how to negotiate so we don't have to hear this crap about 20+ years of experience not commanding what should be a very reasonable hourly wage for christ sake. How sad is that really... The only problem with this profession is the years of experience and the lack of increased pay accordingly....
  18. Can this be done? Waiver? I know most enlisted and even officers are disqualified, are there any exceptions for possible waiver regarding joining the medical corps of the Ntl. Guard as a PA-C?
  19. My program ends around April-May. I've been thinking of looking and preparing my resume in December? Also, where did most people look for job openings? Online? I've searched multiple online databases. My plan is to move out of state from where I went to school. I'm looking into the Pacific Northwest (only Washington State). How's the market up there!? Also, I'll be looking into DFW, Texas considering I'm familiar with the metroplex. Thank you
  20. Could just say it's a possibility, but yea I'd be the type to never jump gun until it's objectively dx'ed w/ biopsy considering that's how we're all taught. It baffles me people can just jump to bold conclusions regardless of imaging impression. As many have mentioned, sarcoid or other mimics could be present, common? Probably not, but there's a reason medicine is based on evidence. simply explain the possibility, show some compassion, guide them towards next step, and move on.
  21. Heard there may be competition with residents for patients etc with this residency
  22. I don't understand some of these job offers people take. I understand family can make things more difficult, but I see job offerings all over Texas, one in particular caught my eye in big metropolitan city. --> It was $75/hr for FM and one I saw the other day for $200,000 nocturnist hospitalist PA (given 7/7 can be brutal), but if ambitious enough for like a year or so.... There are so many great job offers out there, but just have to go out and get it
  23. Yea i was thinking of putting down $2-$3K monthly, because most residency salaries I've seen are $54-55 yearly if possible
  24. Ahh... That's the biggest reason for me not to do a residency even though I'd love to learn more in an academic setting. I'm really torn, but now I feel like I could just find a good position as a new grad, work hard & work overtime to pay off loans fast.
  25. does loan deferment include halting interest/loan accruement or no? In other words - will the loan grow in size when "deferring" it for a 12-18 months
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