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I apologize if this has been posted recently. I'm trying to decide between doing the 3- and 5-day PANCE review courses in Chicago. I've heard from some that the 3-day is more for PANRE, not PANCE. For cost reasons I'd prefer the 3-day course, but I'm willing to consider the 5-day if it makes a big difference.


Also, I've heard conflicting information about how long one should wait between taking the review course and the PANCE. Some say take it ASAP after the course and others (mostly faculty) say wait around 3-6 wks.


Thank you for your help!

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I took the 3-day CME for PANCE prep this past June in Orlando. LOVED IT. Its intense, 7am-5pm nonstop lectures but worth every second and penny. They give you 2 exams total, one each night and have scores available the next day.


I took the PANCE about 3 weeks after the course. By taking those exams I saw my weak points and focused on those for studying the next three weeks. I passed with flying colors.


THE CATCH: CHICAGO CME course is known for the money back guarantee if you don't pass the PANCE.The catch: on the two exams you do take you have to get a 60% on each AND you have to take the exam within 1mo of the course.


I had friends who did the 5 day and loved that as well. For me the price was just too steep. I thought I learned reviewed all I needed and more in 3 days. And honestly, I don't think I could've focused for 2 more.



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I think you are asking advice without considering other factors.

First, did you take the PackRat?

Did you take EOR exams through PAEA?

How did you do?

There seems to be a factor to multiply the PackRat score that should give you insight into what your potential score on the PANCE will be.

If you scored above avg on PackRat and EOR exam, what were your weaknesses?

Have you worked on those since?

Or did you not do well on any of the above?

Do you do well in lectures? Or do you nod off after 30 minutes? Maybe lecture based review is not for you?

I lecture at a local PA program but am only adjunct faculty. Common sense says to me, if you have done well on PackRat and EOR, have worked on weaknesses identified from those then either home study or do 3 day course and focus on what you are weak. You likely only need a short time period after to take PANCE.

If you have struggled with PackRat and /or EOR, then 5 day course and hammer on your weaknesses for several weeks after.

At some point in time, you just have to realize you wont know everything and you just have to sit for it.

Good luck

G Brothers PA-C

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I haven't done the Chicago course, so I can't comment on the 3 vs 5 days.  I will say that as far as price I think you can justify by looking at the cost of failing.  especially if you already have a job lined up.  Either way only you can decide.


As far as when to take the exam I think it depends on the student as a new grad I felt really well prepared.  I studied for 2 weeks after graduation, I did the live UMDNJ/Rutgers course.  I took 1 week completely off.  No studying and then I took my exam.  I did really well.  Once you have been prepiing for 3 years I think your proably ready no matter what.  The courses are good refreshers, but you shouldn't really be "learning" anything at this point.  I like taking time off before the test and I strongly recommend it.  Your brain is your most important asset.  You brain functioning at peak perfomance is the most important thing the day of the test.  Not cramming something else in the day before.  


You don't see marathon runners up until midnight the night before training.  They have already put in the work and the few days before are a time to rest.  


Good Luck!

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I'm actually currently doing a 3-day course in Syracuse, NY and I LOVE it. It's intense, fast, but feels like a really awesome review. I already feel a ton more prepared. Tomorrow (Monday) is the third day and then I'm taking PANCE on Thursday, although the guy who runs this one recommends taking about 2 weeks after the course before taking PANCE.

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