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  1. It's so crazy to me that they're conducting in-person interviews. Be safe & good luck to those attending the upcoming date!
  2. The anticipation is killing me [emoji854]
  3. Congrats & good luck! Do they call or email to give notice of the invitation?
  4. Has anyone been able to contact the program? I've sent a few emails over the past month with no response.
  5. ^yep, this is all I've gotten as well
  6. 8 semester/12 quarter units (including labs) in each of the following categories: Biological Sciences (may be comprised of general biology, genetics, immunology, embryology, etc.) Chemistry (may be comprised of inorganic, organic, biochemistry) This is from the website. Since biochem is only listed under chemistry *I don't think* it would be counted under biological sciences. I haven't had to contact the program for any prereqs though so idk for sure...hopefully they get back to you soon [emoji53]
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