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Medical withdrawal grade change

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I withdrew from graduate school in 2000 for medical reasons (long resolved).  When I got around to checking my transcript in 2002, my grades weren't the W's I was expecting to see, so I contacted the school and they corrected the grades to W because they did see I had the medical withdrawal paperwork.  My transcript now has this mess:


2000 Fall

Course         Attempted  Earned  Grade

GLG 592-M   3.000         0.000     W

GLG 598-M   1.000         0.000     W

GLG 598-M   3.000         0.000     W

RUS 101-M   4.000         0.000     W



CAMP WDR DT 000000 TO 000915 EFF 062502

M GLG 598 GRADE E TO W EFF 062502

M GLG 592 GRADE Y TO W EFF 062502

M GLG 598 GRADE E TO W EFF 062502

M RUS 101 GRADE E TO W EFF 062502


Withdrew: 09/15/2000


My question is, will these be calculated as Fs or ignored as Ws?


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Call CASPA, but I expect that they should honor a legitimate grade change, especially since if I'm reading the dates right, the grades were changed over 10 years ago.  Moral of the story? Check your transcript well in advance of when you need to send it out.

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Point well taken - I don't have a CASPA ID yet as I'm not applying for two more cycles.  According to their 'contact us' page, applicants must provide their CASPA ID when contacting customer service, so I thought I'd ask on here in case someone was familiar with this situation.

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I can tell you for sure that CASPA will not count these as F's, but as W's. The one downside of the whole CASPA thing is that each school you apply for won't know of your Medical Withdrawl until they look at the University Transcript and not only the CASPA "fact sheet" they provide for the schools.

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